The Atmos-Bullet-2Go plus

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waxes - oils

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 - Lithium Ion Battery ( Patent pending spring loaded connector )

  • 1 – Nano Cartridge

  • 1 – Bullet Cartridge

  • 1 – Waxy Cartridge

  • 1 – Cordless USB Charger

  • 1 - User Manual

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The Atmos-Bullet-2Go plus is your all in one vaporizer. Unlike the Atmos Bullet, the plus can vaporize wax, oils and dry material. You're provided with an ultimate kit for vaporizing. Making this vaporizer the best pen vaporizer and one of the top ranked portable vaporizers out on the market. Atmos Nation has really done a good job on this one as you use the bullet cartridge for dry materials.. Nano cartridge for all oils and one Waxy Cartridge for wax substances. Buy now and get free shipping on all atmos products and save the most money. We have the lowest prices on all vaporizers.

It's a Good Herbal Vape Starter Kit

The Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus is one starting kit you need to buy when you're first getting into the beginning of vaping.  Aromatherapy isn't for everyone and many people don't know what they like. You might just like oils, waxes and want a dabbing pen or you already know you want an herbal pen. The Bullet 2 Go Plus always does a great job when you want a quick pull of vapor, it's clearly a good starter package to buy especially if you're first starting out, you'll get the feel of what a vaporizer can do and you can move up levels. 

Materials Used

We all know that the Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus is a very inexpensive herb pen. Despite being really cheap, this little device actually works very well. It is one of those cheap vapor pens that you want to buy if you want a short-term, temporary product that'll last a little over a year. You're covered under warranty for 90 days. With the Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus, you will be comforted with the fact that the metals used inside are anodized steel which makes the vaporizer less prone to building up residue and you can clean the vaporizer out a lot easier than many other vaporizers with different types of metals. 


Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

Additional Information

Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:Oils, Waxes
Dimensions4" X .5"
Delivery Method:Direct Draw

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