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Quick Overview

Atmos Forge Features

  • Titanium Dual Atomizer

  • Stainless Steel Build

  • 900mAH Battery

  • Adjustable Air-flow

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Splash Proof Mouthpiece

Atmos Forge Includes:

  • 1 - Forge Heating Attachment

  • 2 – Dual Titanium Atomizer

  • 1 – Packing Tool

  • 1 – Adapter



Availability: In stock

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This is an ultimate wax vaporizer kit called the Atmos Forge which uses an advanced atomizer to clearly and purely vaporize your waxes without any nasty charcoal or burnt taste as other wax pens do just that, the Atmos Forge doesn't. Buying the Atmos Forge Vaporizer kit you are ensuring yourself you're buying one of the best vaporizer wax kits in the world as Atmos came out with this vaporizer in 2015 making this a unique and well priced wax dabbing vaporizer. The forge features a dual coil atomizer that uses titanium technology which will give you a potent pull and very flavorful taste when using the durable and compact Forge vaping kit. You can also adjust the air-flow as the Forge has an adjustable air-flow dial which can increase or decrease the amount of air moving through the Forge making it for bigger draws or smaller draws it all depends on what mood you're in right? Exactly! The Forge should be noted that you have complete control of the amount of air that passes through ensuring you can take a small sip hit or an extremely large drag, the Forge gives you the choice and allows you to do what you choose.

The Atmos Forge Design
The elegant and compact design make putting this vaporizer in your pocket accessible as the Forge s only 6 inches long and only a half inch around it is still a size that you can fit in your pocket or purse, exactly the size of a small pen and very discreet, stylish and slender the Forge makes a good wax dabbing pen. Below you can choose to adjust the air-flow passing through the Forge and internally it uses a dual titanium atomizer which ensures pure durability when using the Forge vaporizer. The Attachment to the Forge is made out of high-grade stainless steel and the frame is also stainless steel so dropping the Forge it'll withstand any type of accidental abuse which is known to happen for clumsy people.

Atmos Forge Battery
Well equipped, the Atmos Forge comes with a powerful 900mAH battery which is the perfect amount of energy to deliver longevity to its dual titanium atomizers for a vaping experience of over 2 hours of non stop use. This is the type of wax pen that'll allow you to adjust the air-flow and use the battery to your advantage as the user can regulate their pulls and show the type of force they've always wanted to unleash on, the Forge lets you do this. The battery is a 900mAH lithium polymer battery which is the type of battery to last a very long time with optimal energy providing the greatest vaping experience for anyone that wants to have a long battery powered wax dabbing pen vaporizer kit and this is exactly what the Atmos Forge can do is last a long time without charging. The battery comes with a micro-USB charging wall plugin and cord that you plug into the wall. Charging times take around 1 to 2 hours to get a fully charged battery.

Atmos Forge Features
If you want to have a great wax pen vaporizer, the Atmos Forge is the perfect vaporizer kit to own. Notice that you don't want to have a sub-ohm cartridge or attachment with a resistance level lower than 1.0ohms cause the Forge will burn that atomizer and coil up since it can't go easy on anything. The stainless steel design is a durable feel and build to it, when you hold the Forge in your hand, you see quality and elegancy. The Forge comes with 3 dual titanium atomizers as well which is a great thing to have because not only do you have the durability of titanium, but you get 3 atomizers which you can load for when you're on the go you won't have to worry about reloading the Forge and making a mess even though loading is very easy to do. To use the Forge you just tap the power button 5 times to unlock the safety feature that's there for if you accidentally have it in your pocket and you press the power button, the Forge is designed to not turn on from one accidental push which is very fitting knowing that some vape kits don't have that feature. The great thing to know about the Atmos Forge is that it has a splash prevention mouthpiece keeping your product from escaping out of the cartridge and the fact that you can adjust the air-flow is a very big plus.

The Atmos Forge is your go-to wax vape pen kit that's strong with the 900mAH battery you'll have long use and charging time is less than an hour which uses a micro-usb plugin. The durable stainless steel build makes this a high-quality break-proof vaporizer and the dual titanium material coils are very strong and last a long time and the best part is, you get 3 of them. The battery is a lithium polymer battery and it is backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty which overall, this kit is the perfect kit for your wax dabbing needs.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Waxes, Thick Oils
Dimensionsh 6.12 in, d .54 in
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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