Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a pretty high quality vaporizer made to last and is very reliable. It is a well-built, hand made custom desktop vaporizer with a forced are heating element. The consistence of each draw is always going to be the same as the user is using a great table top vaporizer that won’t ever reach the point of combustion and has different setting levels for the type of materials you are using. The makers of 7TH floor have hit another great vaporizer and it is built here in America.


The Glass On Glass elements give you computability to know that you are getting among the higher quality vapor. Won’t require you to hold anything as the glass connections hold the whip into place while vaporizing. When you open the box you’ll see that it is built of high quality. The unit is really sturdy and won’t break easily. You get extra screens, glass mouth piece, 3 foot vinyl tubing, the whip connector, stir tool, padded travel bag, and a free grinder. To change the temperature you just twist the knob as there are 5 levels of heating temperatures .


You can pack in pretty big bowls as there is room for 3.5 grams on top of the vaporizer for getting the best of the best in using large quantities. Within two minutes you’ll reach temperatures you set the knob at and your materials will vaporize at ease. You won’t ever reach the materials at the point of combustion as it uses a precise heating thermostat to prevent the combustion of your materials.


You are going to want to clean the Da Buddha to make sure it is up to speed with optimal performance. Since it is made out of glass it’ll be a lot easier to clean. Over the months your going to need to replace the vinyl tubing, the residue will build up. Also the screens are replaceable. You soak the glass pieces in orange chronic or Agent Orange to remove any residue left after vaporization. You need to make sure you unplug the Da Buddha after every time you use it.


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