Smoking cannabis vs vaporzing cannabis

Why Vaporizers are better

So you are probably someone that loves to smoke a lot , so you know the basics of how if you use bongs and pipes so much your lungs and throat start to hurt. Well if you smoke as much bud as I do, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Vaporizers come into place because, no combustion = no carcinogens. Carcinogens can be any chemical, chemicals such as nicotine, tobacco, carbon monoxide, many other things. These are what give you diseases, infections and many other respiratory failures. When this happens you are upping your expenses, debt and many other things you shouldn’t be paying for; “if only “I hadn’t smoked  I wouldn’t be paying this doctor bill”. You well know if you discovered vaporizers, when you first started smoking, you wouldn’t be paying for all the costs, expenses that held you back in life weather it is your credit score or Bank Account, it is still something you shouldn’t be spending your hard earned cash.


Since vaporizers emit vapor and not smoke, no carcinogens are ever combusted, so you don’t ever inhale any carcinogens and chemicals. When this occurs, 95% of all carcinogens are filtered. You also know, or should at least know that you gain 85% more potent hits. This is cause the crystallization of the active ingredients from the heat of the vaporize synergizes its powers of heat and forced air or direct draw to use to produce vaporization. None of the tars or dirty natural chemicals ever contaminate .. You aren’t risking your respiratory system from damage.


If you’re reading this, you should know a vaporizer might just be the perfect solution for the potential future harm, or harm done already will not exist the risk anymore. You should expect to pay around 90-$300 for a good vaporizer. There are many vaporizers that cost less, it all depends which brand and type you want. When I say type, I emphasize to explain what types of vaporizers exist.


Portable Vaporizers

Da Vinci Pocket Vaporizers

Da Vinci Pocket Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are quick, effective and make perfect sense. Most people buy them for their convenience, quick draw and discretion. If you read all of the reviews online you’ll see that many people favor and rave about the DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer. It is a very small portable vaporizer that many call “walkie-talkie” which might be what it is. Many people have no idea it is a vaporizer and it works with the power of ion batteries. You just flip open the top and place the herbs in the herbal chamber, snap the lid back in and press the button. In 5 seconds you’ll begin to see the onset of the vapor when you inhale/exhale. In about 45 seconds you’ll begin to blow huge clouds which many people look for when they use a vaporizer.

Sometime, people want to be lazy and stay home.


Table Top Vaporizers


Table top vaporizers are very common for the average smoker. If you think about it, traditionally many of the 90’s baby’s are use to chilling in their house and smoking .. Instead you’ve finally smartened up and realized it be smart to chill back and vaporize this stuff. So if your use to just staying at home, smoking with your friends, playing video games and vaporizing, you’re getting killing it. table top vaporizers make it easy for you to get a “aromatherapy session”. With the emerging technology, there are many different types of table top vaporizers that are effective, persistent and never let you down. You know you’re helping yourself by switching to a desktop vaporizer it is up to you if you want something as simple as a desktop vaporizer with just an on button or a knob to vaporize and hope the stuff doesn’t ignite to combustion. There are many different highly technological vaporizers such as the AroMed Vaporizer. The AroMed is very expensive but it is one of the safest vaporizers to use. As it has many features not many other vaporizers carry. With water filters to glass globes and expensive tubing and attachments, it makes it one of the safest table top vaporizers on the net. The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers to use.

You then might want something small, quick, handheld and easy.


Pen vaporizers


Pen vaporizers are small, quick and usually uses hard oil, waxes or oils. Pen vaporizer are usually small enough to fit in your pocket, keychain or plain out in the open. Pen vaporizers are in the debate of being flagged as electronic cigarette. This infact is a vaporizer and strictly for “aromatherapy” use. This is the most popular type of vaporizer, there are many different competitive brands to worry about. The Delta 9 persei is the clear winner in the pen vaporizers for sale with the most sales. The price just dropped from 175.95 – $159.95.

So now it is up to you to research and figure out the best type of vaporizers to use.

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