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Haze Vaporizer


In the world of many different portable vaporizers we have the Haze Vaporizer which is an amazing new piece of equipment that is for sale online at many online retail stores. Cause it’s the Haze that some people just want that can do the job of two people. This baby is equipped with dual vaporization technology and can vaporize your materials within seconds of turning on the button. The indicator light will let you know what temperature setting is on. There’s four different settings you can pick from and there’s an LED indicator light that’ll blink a certain amount of times when you’ve reach the desired temperature. As it’ll indicate how many pulls you have left, you’ll never reach the point of combustion on any of your materials. This is a true beauty in vaporizers and it only comes to you at $249.99 which isn’t a bad price compared to many other vaporizers. There are many features that comes with this vape and shipping is always free for you if you live in the US.

Haze Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer Dimensions

This vaporizer comes in a high quality box and gives you all the accessories involved. It can be a conduction vaporizer or a convection vaporizer. Let force air come out to produce the most even and thick vapor clouds you’d ever imagine. With over 4 hours of battery life, you’ll be sure to fulfill your vaporization means. This is a vaporizer among vaporizer and can last you a long time. It is equipped with a 10 year warranty on everything except accessories so you know the vaporizer is high quality if you get a decade of vaporization coverage. All you have to do is return your vaporizer if it is broken and you’ll get a full manufacturer defect charge. If this dual bowl vaporizer is right for you, what else would you want to try.

haze vaporizer

Haze Graphite Vaporizer

Lets explain the good things about it… Almost everything the Haze has to offer is positive, the only downside we ever see if the fact that it doesn’t have an LCD display to let you know the precise temperature. It also doesn’t need one, forced air will never put your materials at combustion and you’ll never worry about another ash again. With the oil screens that come with the unit as well as the material screens, you can load up a dual bowl so you’ll never have to worry about switching between if you like oils or materials better. You also have the option to use both types of material at the same time. This portable vaporizer can fit right into your pocket and isn’t even past 4 inches. Traveling is very easy cause it comes with a strong travel bag that looks very nice of the upper class selection of vaporizers like the Haze. The only thing tough about this vaporizer in terms of buying it, is finding one in stock. There are so many sales for the Haze that it has nearly been impossible to buy.


So if you’re lucky enough to pick this vaporizer up, you need to try it. The Haze Vaporizer is a one of a kind vaporizer that has many different benefits to using it. Save lots of money now and make the smart investment.


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