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Quick Overview

Cloud Phantom Features:

  • x2 18500 Lithium Batteries

  • Heavy Duty Steel Exterior

  • Steel Anodized Heating

  • Combustion Free Vaporization

  • Optimized 420° Fahrenheit

Cloud Phantom Kit includes:

  • 1 Cloud Phantom 

  • 2 18500 Battery

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

  • 1 Packing Tool 

  • 1 Pair Tweezers

  • 1 18500 Battery Charger

  • 1 Owner’s Manual

Cloud V Phantom is compatible with herbs

Cloud V Phantom uses Steel Anodized Conduction Heating


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The CLoudV Phantom is a new creation from the manufacturer CLoud V. It's a quality portable tube vaporizer that's rather long but veryy portable and high quality because of the level of vaporization it can reach as well as the fact it is powered by two 18500 lithium Ion Li AA batteries. The vaporizer can be used while charging which gives it a unique edge over the competition. The Phantom uses a durable ceramic heating chamber with a maximum optimized temperature of 420 Degrees Fahrenheit. The technology provides very easy vaporization no matter what walk of life the person comes from.

Cloud V Phantom Design

Made out of high grade steel, the Cloud V Phantom is very durable built like a tank which is why most people prefer Cloud V brand cause of the durability. The unit is 6.2" Tall and .8" in diameter which will hold around .4 grams of herb. It may not seem like much material but typically for a vaporizer this is a perfect amount as just one pull will set you free. The Phantom uses anodized heating which acts as an oven so your herbs aren't in direct contact with the heating coil. Your inhales will act as the convection vaporizers as force will intensify the heating chamber to be able to circulate the heat to extract your botanical.

How To Use The Cloud Phantom

The Cloud V Phantom is very easy to use which is made for novices, amateurs and even experts. You will want to fully charge the battery for around 6 hours when you first open up the package to the phantom. Since it comes with two batteries and is only powered by one, you'll have a spare battery ready to go for your next use. When the Cloud V Phantom is fully charged, pop off the bottom of the phantom and place the battery with marked polarity. You will remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with herbs using the packing tool to pack it in tight into the herbal chamber until the entire chamber is full. You will place the mouthpiece back onto the Phantom and press the power button 3 times seamlessly to activate your Phantom. Once the light becomes solid blue it means the Cloud V Phantom is ready to begin pulling. Take cigar-like sip pulls from the Phantom using really high quality material and you'll draw up really high density vapor. Your session will last around 15 pulls.

Cleaning The Cloud V Phantom

Make sure you clean the chamber every time you use the Phantom so it'll person at the optimal temperature. You'll notice that performance on the Phantom may not stand the same if you end up letting residue build within the herbal chamber. When you clean the Phantom, make sure it is cooled off and deactivate the vaporizer by locking it which you simply press the power button 3 more times. Remove the mouthpiece and empty the vaped herbs using the tool pick that comes in the Cloud V Phantom kit. You take your cleaning brush and gently brush out the particles that may be present inside the herbal chamber. Use the small wipes to clean over any type of particles. Use the brush to clean the particles on the filter and to clean the mouthpiece simply wipe out the residue with alcohol and a wipe which prevents clogging to allow you to vaporize at optimal levels.

Buying The Cloud V Phantom

Overall if you want a heavy-duty portable vaporizer, the Phantom is the perfect unit for you to own. With its state-of-the-art anodized steel herbal chamber, you'll get very high quality vapor production without the risk of combustion since your herbs never actually touch the heating coil. If you need something that's portable and a good vape to use on-the-go, the Phantom is your perfect vaporizer to use any time of the day. A vaporizer that will offer you over 15 pulls per session, easy to use, easy charging plus the fact it comes with two 18500 lithium ion batteries making it a vaporizer anyone needs to grab that wants extreme high-quality and effective vaporization without changing your herbs and seeing burnt materials.

Additional Information

Warranty Info:1 Year Warranty
Warranty RegistrationNo
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Dimensions6.8" Tall X .8" Diameter
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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