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It is great to know that almost every month, a new manufacturer will develop and launch a new vaporizer to sell out on the market and this months hottest vaporizer the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer is becoming one of the best dabbing pens on the market. The purity, thickness and amount of vapor it produces makes it a high quality and top pen vaporizer to use.

The Dr. Dabber

The ghost vaporizer, from Dr. Dabber is a new vapor pen perfect for your waxy oils. The inside heating coil is quality titanium inside the atomizer. Vaporize your waxes without having to worry about combustion. The Dr. Dabber is a premium “upper-class” vaporizer everyone should own if this is their preferred method of vaporization.

Best Features About the Dr. Dabber

The temperature the Dr. Dabber Ghost needs to reach in order for it to perform at optimal use is very low which helps preserve the battery life and usage of the Dr. Dabber. It makes it a pen vaporizer everyone wants to use. With Titanium technology, you get well enhanced flavor and quality vapor from vaporizing your waxy oils. With the high-resistance titanium coils using its traits, the battery only has to reach low temperatures of around 353 Degrees Fahrenheit to reach vaporizing temperatures from the heat conduction synergy that the quality of titanium provides, makes it a strong, in-demand product to use. Maintaining a low-profile with quality in mind was the whole design solutions Dr. Dabber has come up with. Most other vaporizers use Ni-Chrome heating coils which will result in burnt residue taste. The whole key Dr. Dabber was focusing on as quality of the atomizer which will result in enhanced vaporization. The size is another feature that provides stealth and versatility being so small. You really only need 1 hit when using this dabber vaporizer. Most dabbing pens combusts the oils and waxes but the Dr.Dabber uses high quality material so it takes less heat to vaporize your waxy oils

.dr. dabber titanium technology

How To Use The Dr. Dabber

Load a tiny bit of concentrate with the Dr. Dabber tool onto the heating element gently. As you press the button, it'll kind of suck the oil or wax farther into the heating element so you get a perfect hit. It sucks it into the wick as the element is wrapped around it. One dab will last you a couple days as you'll only need to take 1 pull after every use since the potency is really strong compared to normal ways of inhaling herbal vaporizer. Loading wax is very easy with the dabbing tool, this is why the Ghost is a top option for people that love to dab.

Cleaning the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vapor Pen

The Ghost is a very easy to clean vaporizer. Place a couple drops of alcohol into the atomizer and let it sit for a night so the alcohol will absorb into the wick and kill all chemicals. You just prime the element when you want to use again as it will instantly burn the alcohol fumes away. Don't clean the outside with alcohol cause it may damage the material used for the vaporizer. You can use Orange Chronic or Agent Orange Cleaner to fully get all the hard-to-get spots.

What Else?

You should also note, you get a warranty with the manufacturer. Purified vapor from the quality of the pen vaporizer with Titanium heating right inside the wick, one dab will be all you need to get an effective vaporization. Since it uses less heat, you get longer use. I'd say 3-5 hours of continuous use. The Glass globe is made out of tempered glass so it won't break if you accidentally drop it.

Dr. Dabber Sticky

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Dr. Dabber Recycler Add On

If you want simple quality you need to buy the Dabber Recycle, it is one of the best filtration recycling in the industry. It gives you very top of the line vapor and it'll provide a cool, outflow of purified vapor. You'll be able to enjoy all your oils and waxes without the nasty aftertaste. You get pretty large and manageable pulls when you use this. It is a perfect at-home solution to purification. Yours to add on to order for only $114.95

Dr. Dabber Recycler Video

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Vaporizer Compatibility:Waxes, Thick Oils
Dimensions2 x 3.25 x 6 in.
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