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White Rhino making the highest quality pen vaporizers as they make the Dube line which is now a Version 2 update from the old one. This one carries the materials attachment to it so you can load up your materials in one attachment and have oils and waxes in a whole other attachment so you'll be vaporizing the highest quality blends paying the lowest possible prices. This pen vaporizer is small enough to fit within your palm and you can load your materials to start your aromatherapy process within seconds as it has a powerful heat source where you can choose to load 110 volts or double it up with 220 volts of battery going straight to the heat source to provide the users with a smooth, carcinogen free vaporization session. Designed to look and feel like an electronic stick so you can vape and go at your convenience which its compact design will produce vapor like no other pen vaporizer. It looks small and discreet so you can vape up anywhere at anytime without anyone noticing what you're doing since it produces thick, odorless vapor. This is the perfect vaporizer stick for dual purposes, giving you a strong session every time with long battery life of up to 2 hours which is the longest standard every type of portable vaporizer will produce you.


How To Use The Dube?


As this stick vaporizer is perfect for beginners, using the thing is very easy. You get the thing loaded up which might take you a couple tries to load up perfect, with around a half a gram of materials is the best way. If you are loading up oils you want around 3.-.5G of oil to surround the ceramic heating element which you'll get some pretty thick vapor. When you want to use wax, just dab it on using the tool that's included as you apply some heat from the lighter to melt it into the chamber of the cartridge.


To know your pen vaporizer is fully charge an indicator on the USB plug will turn red when it needs charging and turn green when it is fully charged as it'll shut down afterward to prevent the battery from overheating to death. There are 10 easy steps you should follow for the most optimal performance methods.


  1. Screw the dry material/wax-oil cartridge onto the fully charged DUBE battery.
  2. You will want to remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge gently.
  3. Make sure you hold the battery in a vertical stance to get the materials/wax ready to load.
  4. Begin loading the material/wax into the cartridge, make sure you're careful to not poke the ceramic heating coil.
  5. Fit mouthpiece securely on to the top of the cartridge.
  6. You will want to find the button, press down five times until light flashes green.
  7. Once the flashing stops, hold the button in while inhaling. When reading the instructions you will want to “prime”the pen for 10 seconds before hitting it, it isn't necessary but that's what the instructions say.
  8. Repeat step 7 for continual use, the device shuts off automatically after 10 seconds of continuous use which is also known as the “Emergency Shut Off”
  9. After you've finished your aromatherapy session, press the button 5 more times to turn it off.
  10. For optimal use, make sure you clean thoroughly each time you use the vaporizer with your pen tool.

Note To Self – If using waxy oils, make sure to use all of your wax each session since it can be hard to clean if wax is left over which can cause permanent wax residue which overtime damages the materials/waxy oil cartridge as the White Rhino manual indicates. Also be sure to just clean the DUBE with the tools it comes with. Other tools can be to hard or to soft on the structure of the cartridge.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials, Oils, Waxes
Dimensions1.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 in.
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Voltage:Dual (110v + 220v)
Vaporizer InfoNo

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