Elevape Vaporizer


The iPuff is a pen vaporizer developed in the USA. iPuff has a great design with perfect discretion for anyone wanting to go out and public and vape. With the Elevape, you get a thick and rich vapor with your favorite dry materials. The cool thing the elevape offers it tells you how many hits you've taken since the last charge so you can base the amount of materials you put in to let you know how many hits you can take. There's a symbol on the Elevape that lets you know how long of the remaining battery life is on the unit when your elevape is turned on or off. As most vaporizers do, the elevape filters out all of the carcinogens and toxins that you inhale when you burn. You can reach your temperatures within seconds of turning it on so there's no waiting around.

As the Elevape uses an intelligent battery management system which balances out with a temperature safety measure the battery life that's being drained from the battery when turned on. Your heating element will auto shut off when not being used so it supplies heat consistent to the power throughout usage. You can enjoy vaporizing for multiple hours on a single 2 hour charge. The charger prevents overcharging and full depletion of the battery, which extends the battery life and improves performance of the vaporization process. If you want to vaporize oils and waxes, there's also an extension to buy to be able to do this.


This Product Is Intended For Aromatherapy Purposes Only!

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Warranty Info:

Heating Element - 90 days

Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials
Dimensions3 x 4.75 x 9.25 in.
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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