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Quick Overview

FlyTlab H2FLO Features:

  • Oven-Tech Chamber

  • Air-Flow Chamber

  • Water Chamber

  • 4 Different Modes 

  • 3 Adjustable Temperatures

  • Convection Technology

  • Advanced Filtration 

  • Long Battery Life 

  • 10 Year Warranty

FlyTlab H2FLO Includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable H2FLO 

  • 1 x Air Chamber w/ Flow Control 

  • 1 x Water Chamber 

  • 2 x Metal Mouthpiece 

  • 1 x Plastic Mouthpiece 

  • 1 x Flytlab Grinder 

  • 1 x Flytlab Sticker 

  • 3 x O-Ring Replacement Set 

  • 1 x Cleaning Brush 

  • 1 x Cleaning Tool

  • 1 x Power Adapter 

  • 1 x Mini USB Cord



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The FlyTlab H2FLO is an herbal portable convection vaporizer that delivers rich and flavorful vapor since it removes all hazardous toxins and harsh smoke by giving the user rich vapor with the Oven Tech Flo System. The vaporizer will heat up your herbs at an optimal level which releases quality vapor that is very potent. This is a vaporizer that can be used On-the-Go vaping with this compact and portable system, you can directly attach the mouthpiece and inhale from the oven chamber which will produce all the natural flavors and a warm throat hit. The H2FLO has a water attachment to use your water percolators or any type of attachment to enhance your vaping experience. The Flow controls let you precisely distribute the air-flow, you can set 4 different modes for optimal operation and the auto-shutoff for safety is 4 minutes giving you a reasonable vaporization session. Vaping with the FlyTab H2FLo is easy and effortless and has become a vaporizer that is becoming popular for getting all the jobs done.

FlyTlab H2FLO Design
The design is very unique in its own way with the water tool attachment option, it provides a cool output of vapor when inhaling it at high temperatures. The glas for the water tool attachment is high quality and .5" very thick Pyrex glass made in America. The FlyTlab H2FLO has 3 adjustable temperature settings to give you a better vape range for your herbs (Low, Mid, High). The H2FLO has a unique heating system that is very effective called the "Ceramic Oven Tech" which it is a convection vaporization system that is made of ceramic glass giving the user a true vaping experience as it will reach optimal temperatures very fast and vaporize the active ingredients. The entire vaporizer is made out of stainless steel grade 3 meaning it is the thickest and has a heavy weight to it making it feel like a durable vape, the FlyTab H2FLO is an amazing portable vaporizer with its unique design to ensure the quality is there.

FlyTlab H2FLO Air Chamber
This is a device that is built and is its own part made out of the stainless steel structure, the Air-Flow chamber is a must have making this the complete vaporization kit. You're in complete control when you have the Air Chamber integrated with the FlyTab H2FLO vaporizer. This is not only a device to control the power of vaporization, will help control & contain escaping vapors during the vaping session. There are windows which will allow the user to see the cloud intake when you draw out the vapor which adds beauty when you can see the amount of vapor you will inhale.

FlyTlab H2FLO Water Chamber
This is a big hit for the FlyTab and is the selling point and a big reason for the success of this vaporizer. When you have a water filter, it pretty much changes the quality of the vaporization process. It not only filters out extra light carcinogens but it also outputs very cool and flavor rich vapor. Water attachments are a very popular accessory most vapor enthusiast seek when buying a vaporizer. They look for vaporizers with the attachment part to put within the threading and roll with it as vapes with the water tool conversion attachment make it universal to buy any type of water tool device out on the market as these devices are costly but the end results always pay off which is why the FlyTab H2FLO vaporizer is becoming more and more popular for this reason and the quality of vaporization with an effective device.

Buying The FlyTlab H2FLO Vaporizer
Overall the Flytab is becoming even more and more popular as the months go by since this unit is new to the market, the many features have made it an important vaporizer for many people wanting to medicate with an effective vaporizer on-the-go that works wonders and that's the reason the FlyTab is flying off the shelves. The 3 different settings provide a safe range to vaporize your dry herbs at ease with quality and the air chamber makes the flow and density of the vaporization process even more intense as you can control how much vapor comes in and out, a cool trait with the Air chamber are the windows, you can see the vapor pulling out which is a visualizing sensation not many vapes can feature. The biggest feature would be the water chamber, this device simply filters out the light carcinogens that don't get filtered ot through the normal process of vaping, an added incentive and a reason this is a great feature is the fact it really provides cool vapor and soothes your throat when you're medicating your aromatherapy blends, the Flytab is here to solve your problems.

Additional Information

Warranty Info:10 Year Warranty
Warranty RegistrationNo
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Dimensions3 x 4.5 x 7.5 in
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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