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Quick Overview

iVapor Features

  • Ships from the USA

  • Durable polycarbonate outer shell

  • Three pre-set temperature settings, up to 473F

  • Digitally displays temperature 

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 

  • Heats in 60 seconds 

iVapor Includes

  • 1x IVapor 

  • 1x ceramic filter

  • 1x rubber mouthpiece

  • 1x wall adapter

  • 1x user guide 

waxes & herbs


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The I-Vapor Vaporizer is an advanced portable vaporizer which holds a larger battery to be able to function all the advanced features. With a digital display the vaporizer is controlled with two grey buttons that allow you to cycle through the 3 temperature settings as the i-Vapor reaches temperatures of up to 473 Degrees Fahrenheit. The heater takes around 60 seconds for it to heat up to its set optimal temperature and will run for over 2 continuous hours without powering off. The i-Vapor is a durable, curvy build with a unique material which is a durable poly-carbonate outer shell. The magic happens when you stuff the herbal materials inside the herb chamber, it can hold up to 1 gram of dry herbs inside the herbal chamber as it will reach high heat for any type of herbal density which end results output massive vapor clouds for a fitting vaping session that'll fulfill and satisfy the end consumer summing a healthy, carcinogenic-free, potent experience like one hadn't been engaged within before.

iVapor Temperature & Design
With the iVapor vaporizer being 6 inches tall, molded out of the ultra-heat-resistant polycarbonate outer shell making a fitting and circular shape figure, the iVapor vaporizer fits snug in anyone's hand. Fitting grip and a unique design results in easy traveling with the iVapor, it isn't pocket-sized however, it will fit in any pocket book or travel bag and will not cause any parts to fall off or unknowingly spill your herbs inside your travel bag because the top herbal chamber provides an air-tight seal to where no smells, unwanted odors will ever be picked up. This is the kicker, we've used medicinal sniffing blood hound to try and trace any aromatic-herbage smells and there was never any scents to be traced or picked up from the Blood Hound which means the Air-tight lock works its magic. When you need to use the iVapor, unscrew the herb chamber and load your herbs inside, you will want to choose one of three settings which are all quality temperature settings that'll work with any type of dry herbs. The three temperature settings are 320 Degrees Fahrenheit, 374 Degrees Fahrenheit or 446 Degrees Fahrenheit are the temperatures you will be able to pre-set after you have your herbs loaded inside the chamber. Some smaller features that should be noted are that it uses a ceramic filter, the mouthpiece is rubber and not plastic so you won't have to worry about any type of melting if you decide to max out the battery in one session. There's a USB port for a USB connection to charge the i-Vapor .

Using The iVapor Vaporizer
The iVapor will be used with your dry herb materials as you will be able to place 1 gram of aromatherapy blends inside the herbal chamber. You push the set button and then you select your pre-set temperature which will display on the LCD digital display allowing you to see the temperature and when it reaches to the exact setting. You can also vaporize concentrates if you'd like and the 446 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature is perfect for concentrates. The best part about the iVapor is it won't over heat any type of substance that will burn the materials since this vaporizer is used with convection vaporizer technology so your materials won't lay directly upon the substance as this vaporizer heating system doesn't use any type of coil.

Thoughts When Buying The iVapor Vaporizer
You know to take the knowledge you've read about the iVapor vaporizer and see to understand you're checking out a vaporizer that has temperature memory controls, it remembers your last used setting from the 3 options you had prior to setting the vaporizer to the designated temperature you prefer. The Lithium Ion battery will last hour 2 hours and the Poly-carbonate outer shell is the structure of the vaporizer being a durable material with a comfortable rubber mouthpiece that will prevent burning of the lips or plastic melting. Waiting to fully charge the battery will take about an hour and you will get 2 hours of vape time. The dimension of the vapor is designed in a round & oval form that will give a snug fit inside a case, backpack or pocket book but is 6 inches, fitting in your pocket would be difficult. The performance, vapor quality, potency and price will make up the rather large size as it is still a handheld vaporizer that performs stellar.

Additional Information

Warranty Info:1 Year Warranty
Warranty RegistrationNo
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, Oils
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Dimensions6" x 2" x 1.5"
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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