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Loki Features:
One Button Operation for Ease-Of-Use
3 Hr. Run Time via Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Compact Travel Size
Sleek & Compact 3.74 Inch Size

Loki Vaporizer Kit Comes With:
Loki Portable Vaporizer
Loki Charger
3 Pipe Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Brush
Packing Tool
Concentrate Screen

Availability: In stock

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The Loki Vaporizer is a new vaporizer that has an amazing size to it being only 3.75 inches tall. It is one of the smaller vaporizers shaped like a rectangle, the perfect size to fit inside your pocket with comfort. Th Loki vaporizer uses a one touch power on and heating setting making it a very basic and easy to use interface to power on and control. The Loki has an oven tech heating element using anodized heating technology with the best convection vaporization technology. This is the vaporizer of the year as the Loki has 3 different pre-set temperature which will give you a custom vaping experience with a range to give you comfort knowing you can adjust the levels if you have different density or moisture levels within your herb collection.

Loki Design
The Design is an extremely durable vaporizer. The Loki vaporizer is constructed out of stainless steel metal built in the USA with passion. The compact build is shaped like a rectangle and is easy to fit in the palm of your hand as well to store easily inside your pocket. The Loki is a very easy-to-use portable vaporizer and a simple on to use while traveling as it only weighs a couple ounces making it a comfortable balance overall. The vaporizer is designed for you to easily access the herbal chamber as it is a sliding door where you can fill your herbs inside without making a mess. The heating chamber is located at the bottom of the unit and is an advantage to have it like this as the hot air will never be a bothersome when you're using the Loki vaporizer. The Loki has a sliding steel door for easy access to the herbal chamber you can load in and load out the herbs any time and any place.

Loki Vaporizer Performance
The Loki Vaporizer is one of the easiest vaporizers to use. Open the oven door and pack the materials evenly using the packing tool that comes with the Loki. All you do is press the power button to begin the vaporizer for it to heat up. The LED lighting system will let you know the temperature you set on, all you have to do is turn on the vaporizer and cycle through the different stages of heating. Green is the lowest setting, blue is medium setting and red is the highest setting. The Loki vaporizer has 3 different temperatures you can choose from by simply pressing the button one time to switch over and change the heating setting. You can view the battery level by clicking on the power button one time which will show you the current battery and notify you when you should charge your vaporizer.

Purchasing Your Loki Vaporizer
The Loki vaporizer is your best vaporizer to use if you're trying to buy a portable vaporizer. Being only 3.75 inches tall, the Loki vaporizer is the perfect unit that only weighs a couple ounces making it small enough and light enough to travel. There's 3 different heating settings you can choose from when you're using the Loki vaporizer and the LED lights will indicate in 3 different colors your current vaporization temperature as well as checking the battery level by pressing the power button one time makes it easy to know when you need to charge your Loki vaporizer. The Loki vaporizer has a built in lithium ion battery and will take on 1 hour to fully recharge while giving you 2 hours of continuous use. The Loki vaporizer is by far one of the top vaporizers in the world and is the most durable being built in the USA and being made out of stainless steel materials.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, waxes
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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