NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

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  • 8 Modes of Operation

  • Always Ready for Use

  • Perfect for Camping

  • Eco-Friendly (no batteries)

  • Compact Size

Accessories (Included):

  • 1 x Heating Chamber

  • 1 x Filter Body

  • 1 x Vapor Chamber

  • 1 x Filter Nozzle (8.0 - 9.0mm)

  • 1 x Insert for Small Filters (6.5, 7.0 and 7.5mm) 

  • 1 x Piercing Tool

  • 1 x Nozzle Cap

  • 1 x Vapor Cooling Hose

  • 5 x O-Rings in 5 colors

  • 3 x Extra Screens



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The NimbinVap 4.0 is a extremely versatile vaporizer which has the capabilities to provide users with 8 different experiences being a powerful wood-carved exterior vaporizers with a system to deliver the most powerful and pure vapor to satisfy any vapor enthusiast who wants to own a very elegant designed vaporizer without needing any type of battery or cord to power this simple yet versatile portable vaporizer for sale that is new on the market and selling by the dozens daily. The Nimbin Vaporizer is a pure, high quality vaporizer that uses organic materials and 100% industrial grade hemp with other carbon fiber electrolytes as this vaporizer is an amazing vaporizer that can be used in any way imaginable. This is the Swiss army knife of all vaporizers and is a must own if you love vaping especially since it is made out of hemp which makes it a very durable and organic vaporizer build perfect for enthusiasts the love to save the environment.

Nimbinvap Design

Buying the NimbinVap 4 you get an amazing design made out of classic wood finish and 100% organic hemp compounds, this portable vaporizer is simply amazing and does not require any batteries to use this vaporizer as it is a flame style portable vaporizer. The Nimbinvap has a pure and organic active charcoal filter which will filter out all the carcinogens that are present inside any type of materials you intend on vaping. The Nimbin is very small 2 x 3.75 x 4.25 in. which can fit directly inside your pocket or purse without leaving behind any mess or residue in wherever you store the NimbinVap. The Nimnimvap is made from two all-natural ingredients; pharmacetuical grade beeswax and organic hemp

NimbinVap Features

This vaporizer is like no other, provides 8 different unique modes that you can use to enhance your vaporization experience. The Nimbin doesn't rely on any batteries, instead it uses a flame and the recommended method is to use a hemp wick with this device since it provides a cleaner flame without any acrid smell. You can use the Nimbin virtually anywhere and the fact you don't need electricity or batteries makes the use and travel capabilities endless as all you need is a flame to get the nimbin working properlly.

The 8 different modes you can use with the Nimbinvap is :

Pipe Mode - a Mode used just like a bong or pipe as set a ceramic filter inside the Nimbinvap and screw on the metal top you will be hitting a flame over the ceramic rock so the flame never burns the herb as you get very clean and combustion free pulls using the Nimbinvap Pipe mode

Hookah Mode - You can make this at home, all you need to use the Hookah mode is a plasttic bottle and silicone tubes. You take a chamber screen, a body screen and put a hose in the nozzle. You then will take the tool-tip and poke holes in the plastic bottle, then you simply insert the hoses in the bottle and put the cap on top of the bottle as you now have a homemade hookah using the nimbinVap

Bong Mode - All you need is a plastic bottle and put the screens in the chamber & body, insert the hose in the nozzle, using the tip tool, you will poke holes in a can or plastic bottle. You then insert the hose with the nimbinvap and now you can enjoy your Nimbinvap vaporizer.

Joint Holder mode - use chamber screen as the filter, make sure you don't put the screen in the body put the insert in the body and set the chamber by putting your joint inside. Enjoy your perfectly held joint or blunt inside the nimbus filter

Chillum Mode - The Chillium mode is a unique mode used with charcoal filtration system. It activates the charcoal to filter out every carcinogens so you aren't inhaling deadly carcinogens. You take a silicone tube and insert it in the filter where you put the charcoal in and works exactly like pipe mode but this time you're using charcoal filter.

Vaporizer Mode - You need the chamber, the body, the nozzle, combustion stopper, stainless steel screen and plastic hose. The vaporizer mode is the ultimate enhancement mode the Nimbinvap has to offer as it completely stops all combustion as you vaporize every botanical you have set inside the chamber. The combustion stopper makes sure the herb never burns and gives you the best vaporization experience in the industry.


The NimbinVap 4.0 is a very complex vaporizer to use. The instructions it comes with is very clear so learning how to use the Nimbinvap 4.0 isn't that hard if you want to use a very nice vaporizer, the Nimbinvap is the answer as it is made out of 100% organic compounds of beeswax and organic hemp. The Nimbinvap is a perfect and reliable vaporizer where you won't have to use your electricity or any batteries, all you need is a flame and you will begin vaping. There's 8 different modes you can take advantage on, it will require a little time to set up but the uniqueness is very well worth the setup time and you can use every type of mode from home supplies setting these modes up with the videos provided in the instructions that comes with the Nimbinvap is very easy.

Additional Information

Dimensions2 x 3.75 x 4.25 in.
Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:herbs, waxes, oils
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Flame
Vaporizer InfoNo

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