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The Palm Vaporizer is a nice portable vaporizer by VaporBLUNT company with many similarities to the Magic Flight Launch Box. If you're trying to choose which one to go with, you should read this guide to see If you will decide which one is suitable to your needs. Even though the Palm is $10 cheaper than the MFLB, many people like the Magic Flight Launch Box a lot better.


Having a high quality portable vaporizer that was introduced in 2012 makes it the newer model of vaporizers. It relies on a single AA battery that will last around 30 minutes of continuous use. Uses ceramic materials for the heating element that's calculated to operate at a temperature of 380 degree F. 5 – 10 seconds from pressing the button you'll be able to vaporize your favorite herbal products.

Buying the palm might be a good idea if you have some extra money lying around. We promise you that over time of using the Palm, it'll save you lots of money instead of combustion of the herbs and oils, you'll gain more hits in the long run. 


Palm Vaporizer 2.0

Many people don't know that VaporBlunt has created the Palm Vaporizer 2.0 which is a redesigned varient of the Palm which is more compact than its predecessor, making it a more effective portable device to use on the go. With its reduced length which makes it something that stands out of the changes of this portable vaporizer.


Palm Vaporizer Temperature

As the Heating element in the Palm is very durable, you can expect it to reach temperatures of around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Since there's no preset temperatures, when you use the adjustment, it'll take some practice for getting use to.


Battery & Power

With the battery, the palm weight 2.4 ounce. It is 4-3/8” (L) X 1-1/8” (W) X 1-1/2” (H); it is easily one of the smallest portable vaporizer, small enough to slip into most pockets. Rechargeable nickel hybrid batteries that run on 2000mAh. You get a set of two batteries and a wall charger with every purchase and the Palm only requires a battery to operate which gives you around 30 minutes of continuous vaporization. When you change batteries, you should use the name brand batteries that the Palm comes with. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to recharge a full battery.


Using The Palm

It is very simple to use the Palm. You just need to load your blend by lifting the lid and loading the grinned up herbs onto the screen, replace the lid and insert a fully charged battery in the battery port. After you've put the battery in, press and hold the battery in. Pulsate the battery by pressing it in and releasing it over and over throughout the vaporization process. After a couple of hits, make sure you stir the blend so the herbs evenly vaporize.


The Palm might be the perfect portable solution you've been looking for as there are many different vaporizers you can buy. The closet vaporize people compare the Palm with is the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. Make sure you take good care of all your vaporizers you buy so you don't encounter any problems with it in the future

Additional Information

Warranty Info:LifeTime Warranty
Warranty RegistrationRegister Warranty
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials, Oils, Waxes
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Dimensions4-3/8” (L) X 1-1/8” (W) X 1-1/2” (H)
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer Info

PALM Vaporizer Instructions

  1. . Open up the lid, insert the mouthpiece or flavor mouthpiece of the Palm Vaporizer.
  2. Make sure you use a grinder to have finely ground herbs, don't overpack.
  3. You close the lid and put the NiMH battery into the heating port, make sure it is fully charged.
  4. You're ready to use the PALM vaporizer, press the battery to start heating the Palm vaporizer up.
  5. The indicator light will let you know that you're ready to begin vaping. Take slow pulls, 3-5 seconds to get dense vapor.
  6. Ease the battery to release pressure when you draw your last pull. This will cool the unit and release the vapor.

Cleaning Tips:

All to cool before touching, using the included cleaning brush, you can clean the screen. Alcohol Wipes will clean the ceramic heating chamber, screen, and glass air path. Do not use Alcohol on plastic parts as it will degrade the material.

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