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When you want something that is small and handheld, the Pulsar 7 Pen vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer to vape your dry herb material and is very low cost for the benefits it provides for every vaporizer user. It is an easy to use pen vaporizer and perfect for a beginner. It is your new best friend, you'll be taking this anywhere you go as it is very small, sleek and discreet. Within seconds of turning on the Pulsar, you'll notice the instant, thick vapor that comes out when you use it. It has an advanced ceramic heating element which is perfect for someone that enjoys pure vapor. The 3-Click lock system is an added benefit to prevent it from being turned on in your pocket, and not to mention the 30 second auto-shutoff times and the convenient push-button system.


The Pulsar 7 Pocket vaporizer has an internal rechargeable battery that provide long life for the user with convenient charging options (USB or AC adapter). You just press the button which lets you operate the vaporizer. You hold down the button for 15 seconds and you'll be ready for your vaporizer session. With the Pulsar 7 herb vaporizer it also has a cool LED light display for the heating element and battery charger. The high quality technology makes the durable ceramic heating elements able to withhold lots of herbal blends with each vaporization session.  

Power Of The Pulsar

With a 650 mAH battery, it will give you the perfect power to pull out smooth, clean, pure and flavorful pulls every time you use it. It is pretty small at only 6 inches tall and can be stored into your pocket or purse. Being very lightweight and easy to use as well as cheap, this tool is the perfect cheap pen vaporizer to buy when you're looking for an herbal pen vapor to use on your dry herbal blends. Buying the Pulsar 7, you're taking full advantage of the portability and stream-line easy use it bring to the user.

 Pulsar 7 how its made

Ease of Use

The instructions it comes with are very simple, you're going to want to be placing your dry herbs in the grinder to have fine herbal blend to provide an even vaporization. All you do is drop your herbal materials in the chamber and put the mouthpiece back on as you hold down the button, you'll see thick vapor after you inhale/exhale. It is a very easy and straight forward way of vaporizing and doesn't come with any frustrations at all. Take advantage of one of the top selling pen vaporizers on the market and buy the Pulsar 7 vaporizer.


Overall the basics of the Pulsar gives users the perfect functionality of vaporizing. The pre-set temperature at 374 degrees is the perfect temperature of vaporization of any type of materials you put into it. At less than $75, you can start vaporizing your favorite herbal blends without worrying about the high costs of combustion. Think like this, you're saving 8.5 grams of materials per ounce. If you're paying $15 a gram, you're saving $127 an ounce of materials. This thing will pay for itself the first week. Enjoy a combustion free environment and invest in your health and savings.  

Additional Information

Warranty Info:

6 Month Warranty - Heating Element and Electronics

Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Dimensions3.5 x 4 x 6 in.
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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