QuickDraw M1 Vaporizer

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Quick Overview


  • For Solid Concentrates

  • For Liquids

  • 510 Threading

  • 5 Click Battery Lock


  • Lithium-ion Battery

  • X3 Attachment

  • - Heating Chamber

  • - Chamber Connector

  • - Mouthpiece

  • X2 Attachment

  • - Glass Globe

  • - Atomizer

  • - Mouthpiece

  • L1 Attachment

  • - Liquid Cartridge

  • - Mouthpiece

  • Charging Kit

  • - USB Charger

  • - Wall Adapter

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Loading Tool

  • Glass Storage Jar

  • User Manual



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Quick Draw M1 is a really nice vape pen is you want a vape pen to both vaporize your concentrates and liquids, it is the perfect kit you need to help yourself with a smoking problem as well as using a low temp vape to get the best tasting flavor for your concentrates. If there's in vape pen in the world that will do the job correctly, it is the M1 that would be cable of giving you the best possible results. This is one vaporizer that will continue to give you all the benefits you need, using high quality atomizer components so you can taste every bit of the whole vaping process every vapor enthusiasts looks for. It is also a low cost vaporizer, a perfect price with those with small budgets that want a high quality vaporizer that will get the job done.

QuickDraw M1 Design
This design is made out of quality components that allow you to vaporize your solid concentrates and liquids. It uses an M1 attachment for it all so you can know you're using a quality device to give you the maximum vaping flow when it all comes down to the quality of the vaporizer you're using. This vaporizer is properly equipped with advanced air-hole pockets on the sides to give you the adjustments of having perfect air-flow to the amount of strong pulls you wish to desire. The Quickdraw M1 is equipped with pyrex glass atomizer tops and a glass globe attachments for the concentrates you'd like to vaporize. The base and design is made out of a carbon-rubber design so you can always handle the vaporize without getting burned. It has a 5 click battery lock using 510 threading to unscrew the design and it will give you an amazing experience with its small-portable feel to it.

Using the QuickDraw M1
This is a very simple to use and operate vape pen, it is built for beginners to experts to easily function at ease. You want to fully charge the lithium ion battery and begin loading. You remove the chamber form where the battery is located and fill a loose amount of substance to ensure the best possible air-flow. Pressing the power button down firmly will activate the vaporizer so you can quickly use it and it takes 5 seamless clicks to lock or unlock the battery to begin your vaping session.

Buying The QuickDraw M1
This is the perfect vape pen system you want to buy if you want to be able to vaporize your concentrates and liquids without any type of problems. This is one of the higher quality and better vape pens so you can vape your concentrates with low heating settings to be able to t taste all the flavor. At only 5" long, you can easily fit this vape pen right inside your pocket. It is a very easy to clean vaporizer, all you have to use is some alcohol swabs and clean the airways and you'll be maintaining this vaporizer at optimal performance every single time while having long vaping sessions of over 2 hours or more.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Extracts
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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