O.PEN Vape FIY Kit


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  • Create Your Own Liquid Concentrates

  • All-In-One Kit

  • Mixing Tools Included

  • Long Lasting Battery

  • Hands Free Filling


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With The O.PEN Vape FIY Kit, you have lots of choices to make as it has a feature to where you can create your own concentrates and use it with this unit. It also comes with a dock, to be able to sit the vape pen upright in the correct position at all times keeping the taste within the atomizer always fresh, potent and the purest most tasteful flavor. This is your all-in-one vaporizer kit and comes with all the mixing tools that you need to be able to construct your own custom types of botanical to load inside. With the Dock, it makes hand-free loading a breeze.

O.Pen Vape Fly Kit Features
One of the biggest features of this unique styled vaporizer pen is the fact you can create custom types of liquids and concentrates to an unlimited variety. This is one of the best and easiest kits to use when you do it like this. It includes the battery with all the mixing tools and comes with O.Juice so you can get started in the creation of your specific type of e-juice. Once you fully charge the device, you will get the perfect draw within 8 seconds so you can experience all the good sessions you will have tasting every bit of flavor and getting the most potent hits. This is one type of vape pen you need if you're a vapor enthusiast so you can take control over the experience with your own unique and designed formula of different styles of concentrates to use. The cartridges allows you to fill them up and take on the go anywhere you need so you can enjoy the experience of using this uniquely built vaporizer design.

Working The O.Pen Vape
This is an easy vaporizer to use, you simply will remove the mouthpiece and rubber tip. There's a top lit of the kit and there's a notch to help you fill the cartridge hand-free so you can use the dock to set it up right and have complete control of the precision needed to fill the vaporizer. Coming with the kit are secure cartridges to the top of the kit and also a honey pot mixing bowl with a honey dipper so you can combine .5ml of O.juice and .5ml of your own juice to make a creation of your own that you may fall in love with. Using essential oils and herbal extracts, this is the pen vaporizer anyone from dabbing to vaping your liquids would love to use. Reattaching the cartridge to the O.PenVape battery and mouthpiece will set the unit to when you're ready to begin your vaping session. Drawing on the mouthpiece and lights will illuminate and flash when the desired draw is reached which will only take 8 seconds to begin your vaping session so you can get the best vaping experience every single time.

Buying The O.Vape Vape Pen
If you want complete and custom control using a high quality vaporizer, this is going to be the vaporizer that will give you anything you need to have the best possible experience. Once you get a good vaporizer like this one, you can begin your cock-tail of using the O.Juice and mixing your custom juice to make a unique form. Botanicals, extracts and herbal extracts can be vaped with this unit making it one of the best vapes you can use anywhere you go. Especially since the O.Pen vape pen costs pennies of the dollar than what it actually should retail for.

Additional Information

Warranty Info:2 Year Warranty
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Oils, Liquids
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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