Pulsar Buzz


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  • OLED Digital Display

  • Ceramic Herb Chamber

  • Pocket-Sized & Portable

  • 2200mAh Li-Polymer Battery

  • Battery Life & Heat Setting Indicator

  • Includes Silicone & Glass Mouthpieces

  • Precise Temperature Control (300°-435°F)

Accessories (Included):
1 x Food Grade Silicone Mouthpiece
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Vape Tool

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Regular Price: $119.95

Special Price $113.95


The Pulsar buzz portable vaporizer is one of the best portable and most discreet vaporizers for aromatherapy purposes. It has quick 20 second heating time and a 5 minute auto-shut off feature in case you use it for longer periods of time, it will shut off to prevent overheating and to preserve battery life. The OLED screen has it to where you can see the current heating setting, intended vaping temperature, vaping time, puff counter and battery life indicator. You can change the temperature settings to the precise setting you want when you're using this vaporizer. It comes with a 6 month warranty and has a vape temperature time of 300°F - 435°F . It only takes 3 hours for you to charge it up and begin to use it as it has a low battery light indicator and a powerful 2200mAH lithium ion battery. The vaporizer is very small as it is only 3.75" tall and is the perfect vaporizer for you to use. The Pulsar Buzz has to be one of the better and more discreet portable vaporizers for sale as it has really high quality features that make it one of the best. It is comparable to many similar cell phone style vaporizers as this is the vaporizer that's going to give you the best quality vaporization by far. If you want a high quality portable vaporizer, you will want to invest in the Pulsar Buzz portable vaporizer.

Pulsar Buzz
The Pulsar Buzz is a small and discreet portable vaporizer. it looks similar to a cell phone and is keeping up with similar products as its predecessors can't match what this vaporizer can provide. With true vaping technology, the vaporizer uses low heating settings so you can actually taste the vapor when you're using this portable vaporizer. The OLED temperature display will show you exactly what temperature you have set the vaporizer to and you have the temperature range of 300-435°F with an easy read on the OLED screen display monitor so you can see and change the heating levels when you look at the OLED screen. The battery life indicator on the screen will show you when it is time to charge the Pulsar buzz. There's pass-through charging so you can charge the Buzz while it is on the USB cord so you will never be without any vaporizer. The Buzz will vaporize the most quality in the highest quality vaporizers, if you want a high quality vaporizer like the Pulsar Buzz, you will know you get the most out of your vaping when you understand the key features in the Pulsar Buzz. This is the better type of vaporizers out there as there's a high quality advanced OLED screen that's going to show you all the metrics you need to vaporize at the exact precision you need to do when you're vaping at a high quality setting. When you need a quality vaporizer for sale, it is the Pulsar buzz that's going to give you the best possible vaporization.

Pulsar Buzz Performance
Not many portable vaporizers on the market have the performance and technology capabilities that the Pulsar Buzz offers its customers. It has t o be one of the very best portable vaporizers in the world and by far will give you the most out of your vaping capabilities. If you want precision and great temperature control, you're going to want to buy the Pulsar Buzz as it is at a very reasonable price and can reach temperatures of over 435 degrees Fahrenheit. You will experience both low heating and high heating depending on how well you want a great tasting experience so you can experience all the taste when you're using the Pulsar Buzz vaporizer. You're going to get every bit out of the Pulsar Buzz when you use it. The Pulsar Buzz is equipped with a long lasting 2200mAH lithium polymer battery that will last for hours of vaping time to give the user a long lasting experience as the lithium polymer battery will last four times longer than the lithium ion battery since the battery stops using energy once all the energy is fully charged. The Pulsar Buzz is a high quality discreet portable vaporizer which uses 100% ceramic herbal chamber to give the user the best vaping experience out of any other portable vaporizer of its class. Having a quality portable herbal vaporizer that users can always use that the Buzz offers is really important. A big feature the Pulsar Buzz has is pass-through charging giving users some of the greatest vaping performance you would want this vaporizer to perform.

Buying The Pulsar Buzz
This high quality portable vaporizer is one of the best discreet herbal portable vaporizers. It uses a powerful 2200mAH lithium polymer battery which features pass-through charging. The vaporizer has vaping ranges of 300°F - 435°F that you can get the best and most advanced vaping experience using the Advanced OLED screen to precisely and accurately control the temperature range. You can also use the OLED screen to measure the battery level as well gauge the current temperature as well as pre-set temperature you can set from the precise 1 degree increment to give yourself the best vaping experience ever. This is by far one of the most discreet portable herbal vaporizers you can use as you get the greatest high quality vaping experience the Buzz will function at. With the ceramic glass herbal chamber you can set the vaporizer to be able to give you the best vaping experience.

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