QuickDraw 500-DLX Vaporizer


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Quick Overview

QuickDraw 500 Features

  • Magentic Connection

  • Magnetic Quick Charging

  • Compatible With All Materials

  • Temperature Control Levels for Herbs

  • Convection Vaporization  

  • Glass Vapor Path For Flavorful Pulls



  • QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer

  • 500-D Cartridge for Aromatic Blends

  • 500-L Cartridge for Liquids

  • 500-X Cartridge for Solid Concentrates

  • USB Charger

  • Wall Adapter

  • Cleaning Tools




Availability: In stock

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Regular Price: $199.09

Special Price $160.00


The Quick Draw 500 DLX is an amazing portable vaporizer made out of anodized stainles steel exterior wrapped around heat-safe plastic, and is a portable vaporizer made out of 3 vaporizers since you can vaporize concentrates, oils and herbal materials. The QuickDraw 500 DLX has precision grade heating which clearly will vaporize your materials precise without any combustion. It is a slender, sleek and very durable pocket vape and will leave you with rich and flavorful vapor every-time without different results. The Quick Draw DLX is a smart type of vaporizer that actually recognizes exactly what you're vaping and will blend in a type of vaporizer mode specific to your materials which will give you the advanced vaping you always needed in a portable vaporizer.

QuickDraw 500 DLX Design
The small design of the QuickDraw makes it a comfortable vaporizer to fit inside your pockets. The unique part about the QuickDraws design is the Magnetic lid that locks in when you place the mouthpiece on-top, it doesn't require any threading at all. This technology is exclusive to the QuickDraw portable vaporizer as we've only seen Magnetic Lid connections in the Dr. Dabber Aura which is a wax pen vaporizer. The QuickDraw is equipped with a large button which works by turning on and is the interface controls of the entire vaporizer system. The Big button to power the QuickDraw is easy to navigate your temperature cycles from the flashing LED's will blink specifically to the temperature you set the Quick Draw on. The durability overall of the vaporizer is strong and feels sturdy, when you feel the strength of the magnetic lid it puts you at-ease and comfortable knowing that the lid won't detach when on the go. Loading different materials requires you to use a different cartridge, for Dry materials you will load the 500-D cartridge, for liquids you load on the 500-L cartridge and for waxes you load on the 500-X cartridge. There's a magnetic USB charger that comes with the QuickDraw and sticks in place from the Magnetic force. You can get the QuickDraw 500 DLX is various colors: Charcoal Black, Sandstone Gold, Twilight Purple and Turquoise.

Precision Heating 
QuickDraw 500 Heating Element
Precision Heating on the QuickDraw 500 is amazing as the cartridges smart-heat the intended material you use to vaporize at precise temperatures focusing in on the intended botanical to vaporize at the best possible and most optimal temperature which will crystallize the botanical into a gas which is the vapor you'll pull out to enjoy the most possible flavorful and thick, pure vapor!
Next-Gen Battery
QuickDraw 500 DLX Battery 
 The Battery for the QuickDraw 500 DLX portable vaporizer is a very powerful battery that only charges in less than an hour. It has the ability to be used while charging, a very important trait most vaporizers don't feature. The magnetic closure is a very unique feature for the battery as it allows the QuickDraw 500 to be charged quickly and safely.  

Smart Three in One Cartridge System

The QuickDraw 500 DLX is a very versatile and fitting portable vaporizer, the three cartridges in one vaporizer is an unprecedented, reliable feature that can execute and adapt to the types of materials added into the cartridge as it features the Sart-Cartridge system which allows for a seamless switch between ground herbal material, fluids and your waxes/concentrates. With the optimal power, speed, versatility, and a compact, small, durable and intuitive design, the QuickDraw is a powerhouse in the vaporizer world!
Three in one vaporizer system

QuickDraw 500 DLX Battery & Performance

Snapping off the magnetic lid on the Quickdraw is very easy and makes loading a breeze. You can load whatever material you need as the smart technology in the QuickDraw actually knows what material you're loading. The QuickDraw holds almost a half gram of materials, you'd get about 10 draws out of each loaded chamber. If you're seeking a powerful vaporizer that can do a good job vaping, the QuickDraw is the perfect vaporizer providing very great results in all three heating chambers. The performance is stellar as the Quickdraw will rapidly heat tot the optimal temperature and conform to the exact material you have loaded leaving no combustion ever. The self adjusting vaping is one really great feature you will notice in the QuickDraw. But overall when it comes down to a vaporizer that'll use its convection vaporization heating technology with the ceramic rock filtration, easy connections for the atomizes using magnetic technology, the QuickDraw 500 DLX is the top portable vaporizer for sale on this website, it ranks with our best vaporizers and is a vaporizer you only need to try to truly experience the performance and quality of the QuickDraw 500.

There are 3 temperature settings when you use the Dry herb cartridge locked in. After you unlock the device, you press the heating button 2 times and enter the temperature settings. A cycle of flashing LED's will start and the LED guage will mark the temperature to where you select through the low, medium, high, 1. Low (one LED) – 390°F 2. Medium (two LEDs) – 415°F 3. High (3 LEDs) – 440°F

QuickDraw 500 DLX Overall Thoughts
The best of the best made me confident, with the fact it is a simple operation vape , with excellent form factor with a smart battery system that can read the cartridge and adjust the battery factor of the vaporizer which is great. Unpacking the box when you first get the QuickDraw 500 DLX, is a very nice and stylish box all compact parts together making everything to setup very easy. There's no atomizer coils with the herbal parts, it is an all convection vaporizer. The magnetic batteries read the exact cartridge and knows exactly how much power it need to deliver to your herbs to effectively vaporizer your botanical to the max. The vapor density is so thick, you would almost think it is combusting, it is shockingly so powerful it will destroy anyone's low expectations and will shock any user. The vapor amount will blast your face off it is so big, taking a huge potent hit may be to intense but everyone just loves when that happens. The awesome part is the charging part when you're simply trying to charge up the battery, it will only take less than two hours to charge as the battery is all magnetic and will easily connect and start charging right away.


Additional Information

Warranty Info:1 Year Warranty
Warranty RegistrationNo
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, Oils
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Dimensions3.45in x 1.57mm x .78mm
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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