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The Makers of square in the US have made a really high quality materials vaporizer called the T-Vape vaporizer which is a pen-style unit capable of vaporizing dry materials. It features a really massive heating element they call the “Tube Oven”, this makes it easy to vaporize your essential ingredients in the dry materials you use. The Lithium Ion battery allows the user to be able to use this vaporizer for over 2 days without charging so you know it'll last longer than other vaporizers, It is the perfect vaporizer if your always on the go. The light indicator also lets you know how much battery life you have left, you'll know when it needs charging so you'll never be surprised when the battery randomly dies.


Tube Oven Heating Chamber

The “Tube Oven” heating chamber is a high quality heating device that features adjustable temperature option perfect for anyone that wants custom settings. This is pretty important since most different dry materials have different density and moisture, which makes them vaporize at different temperatures. You just load the materials inside “The Oven” and you can custom set this vaporizer between 370F – 420F, yet it still won't overheat and burn your hands. All you have to do is slide both sides out to quickly add new material so you can use a ton of herbs quickly without any hassle. It is also noted that it is very simple and easy to clean since it comes with cleaning utensils.  

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Warranty Info:1 Year
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials
Dimensions2.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 in.
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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