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Vapir Prima Features:

● Digital Vaporizer Supports Herbs & Extracts
● Removable, Lithium Battery
● Brushed Aluminum Body
● Removable Stainless Steel Vapor Channel
● Four Pre-Defined Temperatures
● Sleek, Stylish, and Exceptional Design
● Unprecedented Vapor Flavor & Density 
● 5-Year Standard Warranty Included (2-Year for Battery)

Vapir Prima Includes: 

  • Prima portable vaporizer

  • Cleaning tool

  • Plug brush

  • Mesh screens

  • Scoop

  • Cap screens

  • Charging cord

  • Battery charger

  • Power supply

  • Cap sleeve

  • Instruction manual

 waxes & herbs

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Made by the Vapir company, the Vapir Prima is the first portable vaporizer by the brand manufacturers of Vapir. This Portable vaporizer uses a removable 3200mAH Lithium Ion battery as this vaporizer can use a fresh new battery after you use the old one to put it to the Micro-USB charger. The Vapir Prima is a vaporizer that is the first portable vaporizer to use a brass metal chamber. You can change the different levels by cycling through using the button as you can also gauge the battery level to indicate the amount of battery power is left. The Vapir Prima is a vaporizer where you get a easy, medium-light draw resistance, taking medium pulls with level 2 heating will get you premium and high quality vapor taste. With the level 3 temperature settings you get vapor quality that isn't as smooth as level 2 but will give you more vapor. All the materials are all vaped evenly which is usually rare from a portable vaporizer as there are no hot spots with the Vapir Prima.

Vapir Prima Design
The unique and advanced vaporizer the Vapir Prima is a first class vaporizer that uses a stainless steel vapor path designed for durability and anti-residue build up. At the bottom you detach the cover over the batteries and can remove them to quickly recharge one and put a new one in. The heavy weight to the Vapir Prima gives a solid-durable feel.. If it ever accidentally drops, it is protected from the strong, stainless steel shell. Prima dimensions are 4 ¾” H by 1 ¼” wide by 1 ¾” deep and weighs roughly 167 grams. The power button is located at the front as it has a good and easy-to-use feeling when turning on and controlling the Prima. The Brass heating chamber is a unique metal not seen in any other vaporizer and is very interesting to understand that the Vapir Company took in mind Brass as opposed to the popular stainless steel metal for the simple fact that brass has a higher heating conduction as it will carry and hold the heat that's produced in the easy-to-clean removable heating chamber. On the outside of the Prima, you will notice the 4 LED light holes which blink and light up when you power the Prima on so you can see the level selection you have set on. At the bottom of the vaporizer is a cover that you remove to have access to the removable batteries & at the top is the mouthpiece which doesn't have much draw resistance and has a wide circumference to be able to pull in some big vapor clouds.

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer Performance
Not many perform the way the Vapir Prima does. It has an easy-to-use capability of the simple selections of the 4 different heating levels using the comfortable fitting power button, select the temperature and wait 45 seconds for the vaporizer to be ready to use to experience an amazing vaporization session without having to worry about any combustion since the brass metal is a great heating conductor that will provide constant heat to your botanical and won't endure overheating and isn't a metal heating concentrate like most metals where it may be 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the chamber but the metal is actually 700 degrees Fahrenheit, that isn't what happens to brass metal, brass metal will stay at the actual heating chamber temperature. You load in small fine ground materials into the Quartz crystal glass chamber and place the heating element inside the chamber so you can begin vaping any type of material you should desire to use. Once you hit the desired temperature setting, the lights will indicate what you set and flash orange and consecutively turn solid green until the unit has reach the heating level. Once all the lights that correspond to your set temperature setting are solid green, your unit is at the pre-set temperature and it is ready to use.

Vapir Prima Temperature Settings
Although the Prima doesn't offer precise settings, they do have a good range of heating levels with 4 different temperature levels. Even though pre-set temperatures are really accurate and precise, Vapir mastered the actual heating levels and have told us what the heating levels are:

Level 1 provides a temperature range between 350° F – 360° F ( 176.67° C – 182.22° C )
Level 2’s range is 365° F – 375° F ( 185° C – 190.56° C )
Level 3 provides a range of 380° F – 390° F ( 193.33° C – 198.89° C ) and their highest heat setting
Level 4 is a range between 390° F – 400° F ( 198.89° C – 204.44° C )

Vapir Prima Battery
The Prima is a good vaporizer with a great battery. It is a custom battery due to its quick-slide design to where you can quickly replace it easily. The battery holds 3200 maH lithium Ion battery, you'll get about 70 minutes of use at the highest heat setting. You can max out with 10 consecutive sessions at 5 minutes each if you wanted to test the batteries limits. You can extend the auto-shutoff feature which is a rate ability most vaporizers don't carry. You can always invest in an additional battery to have on deck when the current battery runs out so you always have one ready for the next use.

The Prima is a vaporizer that has all positive reviews from the best critics out there. It is a 5 star rated system and can outperform many other vaporizers in the $300 range and is similar in use to the Davinci Ascent. The ease use makes it easy for beginners to operate and easy to take out the battery and replace it with a new one. The 4 levels of heating are at effective pre-set temperatures and can be switched anytime as it will take around 40 seconds to fully heat up to the temperature set. The durable stainless steel internal parts as well as the brass heating chamber make the prima's overall use a unique experience no other vaporizer features. It is a good investment at the price and a portable vaporizer that will pay for itself.

Additional Information

Dimensions 4 ¾” H by 1 ¼” wide by 1 ¾” deep
Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, Oils
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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