Vapolution 3

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Quick Overview

Product Features:

  • Digital Display

  • Easy to Operate

  • Made in the USA

  • 2 Minute Start-Up

  • Newest Model 3.0

  • Blue LED Light Indicators

  • Illuminated Heat Chamber

  • Multiple Draw-Method Options

  • Removable Glass Heater Liner

  • 100% Glass on Glass Vapor Path

  • Precise Digital Temperature Control

  • Microprocessor Temperature Regulation

Accessories (Included):
1 x Vapolution 3 Vaporizer
1 x Glass Bent Bowl
1 x Medical Grade Silicone Whip
1 x 12VDC Power Supply
1 x Car Adapter

Availability: In stock

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Special Price $289.09


The Vapolution 3 vaporizer is the perfect glass vaping machine that includes the full glass-on-glass experience from a high quality whip style vaporizer. The advanced digital control makes it to where you can control the precise temperature settings you want when you're vaping. This high quality version is even more improved than the original version. This is one of the best desktop vaporizers to own with the advanced digital control, it includes a removable glass heater to make it easier to clean the entire unit. The Vapolution has the all-in-wonder bowl that's a large herbal bowl to give you a long vaping experience when you want bigger and better vaporization settings. The Vapolution 3 has incredible technology as it uses a micro-processor that will tell you exavtly what temperature the herbal chamber is at and it will preserve its heating to regulate the precise temperature you've set the vaporizer to. When using the Vapolution 3, you get the most incredible vaporization experience.

How To Use The Vapoltuion 3
The Vapolution 3 is mae ready to go right out of the box. All you have to do is connect the cord and turn the unit on by pressing the power button. You can see the controls below the digital screen which will control the temperature settings you can regulate to increase or decrease the heating. It will take 45 seconds to get the temperature to the maximum setting. You make sure you load your favorite herbs inside the glass bown. Attaching the whip and insert te glass into the heating chamber is how you have to do this to get the Vapolution 3 working. Once you've followed the steps, just enjoy the best vaping experience.

Vapolution 3 Heating
The Vapolution 3 comes with the popular Hydra tube which will increase the entire vaping experience. The Vapolution 3 can reach temperatures between 200 - 500 degrees Fahrenheit which will give you the best glass-on-glass vaping quality experience especially since you can use many different types of attachments. All medical grade glass and it comes with a bent glass bowl attachment whip will connect to the silicone whip giving you the best whip-style vaporization quality experience. The Vapolution 3 has many features its predesssors do not have as it is one of the highest quality desktop vaporizers in the world which is the reason why everyone is buying this amazing desktop vaporizer.

When it comes down to the buying the best desktop vaporizer. You got to make sure you understand the power this desktop vaporizer has. The Vapolution 3 has many different features including the precise LED digital temperature control system which can hit temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You don't even have to grind your herbs when you're using the Vapolution 3 vaporizer, it is the best desktop vaporizer to buy. You simply set the herbs inside the bent glass bown and you'll be ready to get the best vaping experience possibe. It only takes 2 minutes for you to get the best vaping quality. The popular Hydra tube is very popular and is very easy to operate. The Hydra tube can have water inside to give you a better cooling experience. You also get a car adapter inside the unit so you can travel with the vaporizer to continue to use it on the go. This is the best vaporizer to buy that's made in the USA.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vaporizer Type:Whip-Style
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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