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This is a unique box style vaporizer that creates a vortex of vertical heat using minimal heat to where none of it ever goes to waste. Using a double screen to suspend your herbs, the Vapor Tower Deluxe achieves t he greatest air flow and uses ceramic heating element that will result and purified vapor production. This unit comes with a 2 piece vapor whip kit and comes with a lifetime warranty. With the “set it and forget it” technology, you just set the desired temperature and turn it on and off.


The VaporTower is a very effective product as it uses the ceramic heating to be able to utilize the heat quality with pure vapor. The Direct-inhale unit offers a little more effective vapor than the balloon-style vaporizers, you will get a lot better results when you use the Vapor Tower. This unit is not fan-driven vaporizer so you won't ever lose vapor unless you actually are using the unit.

vapor tower deluxe

Quality Materials

The vapor tower is a direct draw vaporizer so hot air generates from the heating coil within the VaporTower. The VaporTower uses a ceramic heating element that is engraved within a glass shell. Everything is inside a very beautiful wooden box that has an opening with the heating coil to look like a nice wooden vaporizer tower. You can turn the temperature with a silver knob that's located on the front of the VaporTower near the power switch. You should expect to wait around 3 – 4 minutes for everything to heat up to where you will be ready to vaporize.

Size of the VaporTower is 6” tall and 5” round at the base.

When you look at the whip, it is a quality feel of two pieces of glass. The mouthpiece and the filling chamber that connects to a silicone whip. The filling chamber whip can be screwed in and out so you can put more materials inside. It screws in perfectly with the heating coil.

How to use the Vapor Tower

  • Plug in the VaporTower to any outlet
  • Make sure you set the temperature using the silver knob around 12 to 1 o'clock on the dial and you wait 3 minutes. Loading the filling chamber with your favorite materials while you wait. Don't overfill your whip with herbs since you want the air to circulate evenly. 
  • Turn the whip over the heating coil and it will fit perfectly above the heater (Don't push to hard down).
  • Pull slowly and inhale. You will see vapor within the whip and silicone tube which means it's working properly. 
  • You will get around 5-8 good pulls before all the botanicals are vaporized. Wait for the whip to cool down since it will get really hot.

It isn't hard to clean you take apart everything and soak the components in Agent orange or Orange Chronic for around 30 minutes. Rinse them off and let it sit out to dry. You should always clean out your vaporizer for optimal performance.

Finding the right temperature is important when you're using the Vapor Tower. It is a very beautiful design with high quality wood. Making sure you inhale slowly and finding the break-in point is important so you get the most vapor. The instructions it comes with are very important to read, you'll want to know you're doing everything correctly when you're using the VaporTower. Your investment is protected with a lifetime warranty!

Additional Information

Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vapes WithN/A
Dimensions6.25 x 5.00 x 5.00 in.
Vaporizer Type:Whip-Style
Delivery Method:Hands Free
Vaporizer InfoNo

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