Vaporite 6th Element Vaporizer


This is a pretty unique type table top vaporizer. It comes with some great accessories including the lazy-mans wireless remote control. It also comes with some few other accessories we will mention below. This unique stero-type vaporizer is Vaporite's 6th Element Digital Vaporizer. This is a forced air type of vaporizer it is durable quality with two fans in the back to make sure the vaporizer never overheats and provides consistant vapor quality. The good part is you don't have to breath to take in your hit. With the temperature control settings you can put it up to any type of herbal product in the chamber. It has temperature monitor through the digital display that shows accurate temperature in Fahrenheit. Mounted in is a high quality ceramic heating element that ensures you never loose your full flavor and prevents contamination which might occur. You can use an oil diffuser if you want to use your essential oils and there is a screen that comes with it so you should note, you want to replace that screen every so often.


This is the perfect table top vaporizer, for advanced use for anyone that wants the best aromatherapy experience using a high quality vaporizer. You'll enjoy the convenience of the wireless remote to sit back, recline and be lazy while vaporizing your favorite herbs or essential oils. This is the perfect desktop vaporizer kit to use anywhere you want as it isn't that large of a vaporizer where you can carry around.  

Additional Information

Warranty Info:No
Warranty RegistrationNo
Vaporizer Type:Ballon
Delivery Method:Forced Air
Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials, Oils
Vaporizer InfoNo

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