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Vaporite Platinum series is a similar vaporizer to the Vaporite Stratus and it is an advanced type of pen vaporizer that is capable of vaporizing materials, waxes and oils. The unit is a Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire vaporizer into one. You have a one-touch activation system that will make it pretty easy to operate and reach the desired temperatures you want it at without the risk of combustion. Within seconds, you'll reach purified vapor. It has a small and compact design to ensure the discretion of the user and can be used anywhere without giving yourself that added attention. Being only 4" long, you can store it anywhere and the advanced cartridge system makes it easy to vaporize your favorite materials, waxes and oils better than the Stratus can. 

The Buddy Pen Platinum pro vaporizer is one of the better working vaporizers for all your needs. You can use it with waxes, herbs and oils. It is a 3 in 1 vaporizer and comes with all 3 different working attachments to be able to use any type of substance known to man. It only takes a simple push of the button to get things started allowing you to vaporize with ease and its compact design is perfect for all types of vapor enthusiast such as the hardcore ones since you can take this anywhere cause it is only 4 inches long, perfect to store in the smallest places. You can use this vaporizer anywhere, without any type of detection. Feeling like you have balls? Blow vapor in a law enforcement officer's face as he'll never even know what you just did!

Its 3 Vaporizers In 1

Buying 3 different types of vaporizers are eliminated, now you have the Budy Pen Platinum Pro, the perfect vaporizer to soothe all your needs with just 1 vaporizer battery and 3 different attachments which are simple to connect and change. You just place your materials in the chamber for the attachment and hook it up to the battery end. It has an advanced chamber that uses conduction heating technology to perfectly heat up your herbs without risking combustion.

Love Blowing Thick Clouds? You'll love the Budy Pen Platinum Pro!

High Quality Screens

When you hook up the dry herbal attachment, you get glass screen system which is the best type to use to avoid combustion. You'll never once burn your materials with this type of technology. There are to many combustion pens out there but the Budy Pen Platinum Pro is far from that. You just insert the glass screen into the heating chamber before you place your herbs inside. Your herbs will be on top of the glass screen as it uses conduction heating to vaporize your active ingredients on the materials.

Why Would You Buy The Buddy Pen Platinum Pro Pen Vaporizer?

Why would you not? If you're looking for the all-in-one pen vaporizer, you found it. The Budy Pen is the perfect type of vaporizer that'll produce the biggest clouds if you're using it for herbs, oils or waxes, it doesn't matter. Owning an All-in-one pen vaporizer that can do anything you want is finally here!


Coming with the functionality of 3 vaporizers in one, the heating chamber for dry herbs is built to hold a better amount of materials than its predecessors. The glass globe atomizer is used for waxes and a liquid tank for oils. The innovative glass screen system will make sure the heating element is protected while shielding your materials from combustion. The unit can also be used with waxes by putting together the glass globe attachment. All you have to do is attach your mods on depending on the type of material you want to vaporize, you'll be ready to go. With the oil cartridge, you can vaporize your favorite oils that'll make it easiest to vaporize if you're trying to use liquid types of oils. 

Vaporite Budy Pen Original Black

Its almost the same as the newest version except doesn't come with the  Glass Globe Attachment 

vaporite budy pen original

Note - this is the exact item as the vaporite stratus 4 in 1 combo, just different names

Additional Information

Warranty Info:6 Months - Heating Element
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Oils, Herbs, Waxes, Liquid
Dimensions1.5 x 2.75 x 7.5 in.
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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