Vaporite Mini Vaporizer


The Vaporite Mini Vaporizer kind of looks like a stereo system control box, but it is a high quality conduction desktop vaporizer that uses a high quality ceramic heating rod to vaporize the active ingredient in your materials. It is very simple to use and comes in the box already assembled. The unit uses conduction heating and you can choose to change the temperature settings with the digital display. It is built out of durable high gloss black steel and includes an oil diffuser for aromatherapy and a top of the line ergonomic whip designed to be interchangeable with screens. The Temperature is displayed using a digital screen and contains a special ceramic heating element which conserves your aromatherapy blend or botanicals. This is a pretty useful device for your dry materials and is a high quality, durable desktop vaporizer that comes with a warranty on the heating elements and electronic components. The Vaporite Min vaporizer no longer comes with a small handheld remote controller so you can relax from the comforts of your home without leaning forward to take your draws. The Aromatherapy bulb is included and can be used with oils. The Silicone tube is made in the USA and is odor-less materials that will never smell as it elminates all orders. 

Upgrade to Mini Air For Only $15 More

Do you want to experience a convection vaporizer to vape your materials without any risk of combustion? The Vaporite Mini Air is the perfect desktop herbal vaporizer for you if you want pure, carcinogen free vapor. Its advanced air-flow system blows hot air onto the materials through the whip and into the silicone tube where it will blow pure vapor through the glass mouthpiece. Having a low priced Convection vaporizer is extremley rare to find and this type of vaporizer is only being made in limited quantities, you should order it now!



How it Works?

Put the herbs in the whip and set to desired temperature, wait 2 minutes and pull out the vapor. You place the whip over the side of the vaporizer where to whip connects to the heating valve and insert your tubing onto the whip. At the end of the other side of the tube you simply connect the glass mouthpiece into the tube and vapor will blow directly out of the tubing. You'll want to wait about 3 minutes for the unit to heat up at full temperature.  

Note: The Wireless Remote Controller No Longer Comes With The Vaporite Products. Vaporite Manufacturer has recalled the wireless remote due to so many errors it was causing the Vaporite Mini. Every customer that had the version with the remote was experience unpleasant misconfigurations which fried the temperature gauge rendering the vaporizer to not function properly. If you received  the new version without the wireless remote, you have the new, updated one that works a lot better and also costs $10 more due to its fixtures.  Don't be discouraged if your unit didn't come with the remote, it would pretty much mis program the vaporizer to not work the way it should making it useless and unpredictable. 

Additional Information

Vaporizer Compatibility:Materials
Vapes WithN/A
Dimensions4.25 x 11.25 x 7.50 in.
Vaporizer Type:Whip-Style
Delivery Method:Hands Free
Vaporizer InfoNo

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