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Quick Overview

510 Threaded
Digital Display
Variable Wattage
Lifetime Warranty
Glass Mouthpiece
3-in-1 Functionality
Compact & Portable
Maximum Output: 30W
Minimum Resistance: 0.3
Precise Temperature Control
Compatible With Herbs, Wax & E-Juice

Accessories (Included):
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
2 x Ceramic Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Dab Tool
1 x USB Charger

Availability: In stock

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The Company Vaporite keeps coming out with high quality units that keep hitting the market by storm. The specialized portable vaporizer, Vaporite Tantric is one that is made to be used numerous ways. The powerful battery is actually a box mod which is a battery on steroids that gives you the most effective vaporization. The Trantric is the all-in-one vaporizer that will give you extremely thick and flavorful pulls when you're using this unit. The size is small enough to store away in your pocket and is the perfect unit to use all the attachments for herbs, waxes and oils. It has a built in herb chamber that's an oven-tech display setting giving you everything you need to provide yourself with the highest quality and most thick vaporization. Using the OLEd screen, you can control exactly how the Vaporite Tantric is used from the puff counter all the way to the wattage and variable voltage settings which can be cycled through using the powr button.

Performance Of The Vaporite Tantric
The Tantric has 3 different attachments that come with the unit which are for herbs, oils and waxes and gives you a pure convection heating system to whrre you'll never experience any type of hot spots when using the Tantric. The vaporite Tantric includes an oil tank built out of thick Pyrex glass so you can vaporize many different substances you have when using this quality vaporizer. The performance allows the low resistant .3ohm support which is the amount needed to vaporize your oils and waxes effectively. The Tantric comes 510 threading and is a complete portable vaporizer system to support any type of functionality you desire.

Vaporite Tantric's Design
The Design of the vaporite Tantric is an eccentric build that comes with an atomizer for oils and waxes as the origibal atomizer which is a pre-built oven-tech herbal attachment is present in the Tantrics overall performance. When you're need a unit like the Vaporite Tantric, you get the best and greatest amount of heating using this vaporizer so you know you can change the different variable voltage settings and wattage for a complete and high quality vaping session. The atomizers support as low as .1ohms which makes it a versatile vaporizer that will gives you arguably the best vaping experience out of any type of vaporizer in the marketplace. The small dimensions of 1.25 x 5.25 x 3" is the perfect size that will fit inside your pocket.

Main Features The Tantric Uses
The low ohms support to be able to universally switch out with other atomizers to the Tantrics high powered box mod is a beneficial fact that like other Box Mods, include all the various components needed to vaporize with waxes and oils. But unlike any other box mod, the Tantric has a built-in herbal chamber that gives you a combustion free experience, giving the highest quality pure vaping botanical box mod vaporizer in the world.

The Vaporite Tantric is compiled in different mods for you to be able to change from and set the specific type of substance and temperature using the OLED screen of the box mod for the Tantric.

Tantric's Herbal Mode
The Vapoite Tantric has an herbal mode that is specifically catering to any herb material you've set dfor the vaporite Tantric. Releasing the best tasting herbs using an oven-baked vaping chamber will ensure you that you will never taste any combustion or other carcinogens when using the Vaporite Tantric. The custom temperature setting will get the job done for the amount of heat you want to generate through the convection heating chamber of the vaporite Tantric's herbal chamber device making this mode one of the most popular modes since the Tantric has different custom modes depending on the type of vaporization the Tantric has.

Tantric's Concentrate Mode
The Concentrate mode for the Vaporite Tantric is a mode to where you will screw on the cartridge to the 510 threaded box mod battery and set it to oil vaping mode. You can vaporize your waxes, oils and other botanicals with this mode alone. The Tantric has a complete and very custom selection for the type of heating utillize for the low settings so you don't taste any byproduct or any carcinogens while you're vaping with the Vaporite Tantric vaporizer.

Buying The Tantric is investing in an extremely high quality device that won't let you down and give you the best vaping experience you need to have the highest quality finish when using the vaporite Tantric vaporizer. If you want a high quality vaporizer, you will understand you get the best vaporizer to use for the Tantric to enjoy the best vaporization possible. Having a unit that has 3 attachments with herbs being the main importance was the best solution the folks over at Vaporite were able to provide to give you an amazing unit that wanted to give you the best out of the best.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, oils
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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