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KandyPens Mini Features:

  • Advanced Ceramic Disc SloBurn™Technology

  • Wax, Concentrate Vape Perfection

  • 4.45 Inches Tall

  • Next Generation Ceramic Sub-Ohm Vaporizer

  • Patent Pending

  • For Aromatherapy Purposes Only

  • Developed & Designed in the USA

  • Handmade

  • Direct Pass Through Mini-USB Charging

  • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

  • Alcohol Wipes Included

  • 510 Threaded

  • 10 Second Auto-Shutoff (Safety Feature)

  • SLoBurn Technology

  • Elevated Air-Flow System

  • LeakProof Design

  • Temperature Controlled (350°, 390°, 430° )

  • 950 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

  • *Limited Edition production of only 500 units made

  • *Only one MiNi pen allowed per household, sorry.

  • *Quartz atomizer sold separately

KandyPens Mini Comes with:

  • 950 mAh Lithium Ion Battery (Lifetime Warranty)

  • Coilless Ceramic Dish

  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Dabbing Tool

  • Micro-USB Charger



Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $152.95

Special Price $89.90

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Regular Price: $152.95

Special Price $89.90


KandyPens Mini is a brand new wax vape pen for concentrates that promises absolutely no combustion as it uses high-quality Ceramic SloBurn Disc technology which ensures that the Elevated AirFloe system and the coil-less atomizer using deep dish creation will give the end user the highest quality results out of any vaporizer made available. When it comes down to the perfect pen vaporizer that will fit right into your pocket, there's nothing better than the KandyPens Mini wax vape pen. A compatible, small, handheld wax vape pen standing at only 4.45 inches tall making it one of the smallest and most effective wax vape pens in the world. This is an advanced vaporizer that uses three different heating temperatures within the system which will savor and flavor your end result once you pull on the vaporizer to get the best possible vaping quality that no other vaporizer will be able to offer the user.

KandyPens MiNi Performance Features
There are plenty of new vape pens out there that may perform similarly to the KandyPens Mini, but I bet you there won't be one that is only 4.25" tall and can easily fit in your pocket to use while you're on the go since it has a deep dish ceramic halo atomizer to where you get over 25 pulls off of one load. This is a big performance feature for anyone looking to buy a high-quality vaporizer. KandyPens markets very well, the majority of people want the best dabbing vaporizers in the world so they can understand and buy the best of the best as far as it comes with using a new, high-quality vaporizer for sale. When using this Vape pen, you will be able to enjoy an easy-to-use wax vape pen that is a miniature size that packs a punch. The ceramic design makes the performance very impressive as far as the taste goes. Since it uses a 950mAH battery, your charge will last you all day, you will get over 25 pulls per full deep dish load, you will get 10-second hits which are the best part since most wax dabbing vape pens won't let you take really hard rips like that.

Advanced Air-Flow Sub-Ohm
With very little draw resistance you get with the MiNi, there's very little pressure that goes against your draws. This means you can get the highest vapor density without anything regulating your pulls. The two air-intake holes provide you with the best type of air circulation. You won't have to pull too hard at all to get excellent pulls. The natural inhalation from the consumer is all you need to get maximum results as the Elevated Airflow system makes for leverage when using the KandyPens MiNi wax vape pen so you can get the maximum benefits using the best dabbing wax vape pen that will fit in the palm of your hand.

KandyPens Battery + Temperature & Atomizers
Everyone needs to know that having a high-quality wax dabbing vape pen that is able to include a great battery, temperature settings, and high-quality atomizers make for having the best type of vape pen available. When it all comes down to the best wax dabber, the KandyPens MiNi vape pen is one of the best. There are 3 specific high-quality temperature settings the KandyPens MiNi will be able to produce in 3 different LED colors; (350° Red, 390° Green, 430° Blue). Most people prefer to use the highest level temperature setting since they think they're getting the best possible pull as they get more vapor density and great taste since it will simmer at the maximum temperature since the ceramic halo atomizers use the SLoBurn heating technology. The 950mAH Lithium Ion battery has a button that you rapidly click 5 times to lock and unlock the vape pen for safety precautions to prevent accidental heating when traveling with the unit. The feedback as far as the temperature goes will show you that you can see the battery level and temperature setting by looking at the LED color of the lighting.

Overall Thoughts Of KandyPens Mini
When it comes down to the quality of a vaporizer, there's nothing more ensuring that using a vape pen that measures less than 5 inches is one of the best solutions out there if you want a high-quality discreet vape pen. With a compact and small, sleek overall polycarbonate design using a hardened rubber mouthpiece, there's no limits on a number of times you use the KandyPens MiNi wax dabbing vape pen. The 950mAH battery lasts for hours on a single charge and also carries the LED lighting for battery level detection as well as the temperature adjustments by simply clicking the power button which makes it an easy-to-use vape pen system. The Elevated Airflow system is a leverage point for the draw resistance as the Sub-Ohm wax vaping system provides very little draw resistance; Once the Elevated Air-Flow System kicks in and the preservation of the SLoBurn heating working at its best will get the maximum benefits of increased pulls, dense vapor, and the best tasting, simmering wax dabbing machine with maximum potency.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Concentrates, Oils
Dimensions4.25" H X 1.5" D
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Vaporizer InfoNo

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