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Quick Overview

Pulsar Lux Features

  • Large Herbal Chamber 10mm X 20mm

  • High Quality Heating System

  • 3 Different Pre-Set Quality Temperature Settings

  • Ceramic Heating Path with Cooling 

  • Extra Lux Accessories Included

  • 6 Month Warranty

What Comes With The Lux

  • Lux Vaporizer Battery

  • USB Charge Cord

  • Wall Charger

  • 5 x Mouthpiece Covers

  • 5 x Metal Screens

  • Cleaning Brush

  • User Manual

  • 6 month warranty

 compatible with herbs

lux vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer


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The Pulsar Lux is a portable vaporizer that vapes herbal products and is very similar to the Snoop Dogg G-pro which does the exact same thing as the Pulsar Lux. To break it down for the Lux it features a innovative tri-color heat setting indication light that will allow you to control your temperature at optimal performance and control to efficietly protect the battery life while providing you with a user experience that everyone loves to do. A good feature the Lux displays is the quick charging time which is under 3 hours and you can charge it using a USB micro charger. The Lux comes with a 6 moth warranty and you can vaporize your favorite aromatherapy blends.

Temperature Control
As the Pulsar Lux is very simple to navigate the 3 temperatures, they range in temperatures as Red outputs 360F, Green 380F, Blue 420F. This makes the 3 temperatures very spaced out and easy to use for any density of your herbs. To toggle through the temperature controls you tap the power button 3 times.

How to use the Pulsar Lux?
To use the Pulsar Lux is very simple. Make sure your unit is fully charged, remove the rubber mouthpiece and place your well ground herbs in the herbal chamber. Snap the Mouthpiece back on top and tap the power button 5 times really quickly. You'll see the LED indicator lights flash, this means you're ready to select your temperature. To select your temperature just quickly tap the power button 3 more times and the color of your temperature will appear. You select between the 3 colors (RED=360, Green=380F, Blue=420F) and wait the 30 seconds before the Lux gets to the optimal temperature advertised.

What you Get When buying the Lux
As any vaporizer the Lux comes with all your accessories; Lux vaporizer battery, USB Charger Cord, Wall Charger Connector, 5x mouthpiece covers, 5x metal screens, cleaning brush and the user manual. You're also covered with a 6 month warranty as every vaporizer we carry comes with a warranty since we are authorized retailers that sell authentic vaporizers. You will also get the best vaporization experience possible as many other portable vaporizers that are designed like the lux, cannot compete with the performance the Lux brings to the users. The simplicity and sleek design make it a very great vaporizer especially the fact the vaping session time is over 5 minutes before the unit will shut off. Related vaporizers like the Astra are only 3 minutes. If there's one vaporizer that you would expect to perform at high levels it's the Pulsar Lux.

Same Design, Different Manufacturer & Parts
$79.99 Wulf Mods Tundra (Conduction)$89.99 Pulsar Lux (Conduction)$99.99 Snoop Dogg G-Pro (Conduction)$127.99 DGK G-Pro (Conduction)
$139.99 Pinnacle Vaporizer (Conduction)$149.99 Summit Vaporizer (Conduction)$179.99 Atmos Astra (Convection) $210.95 Pinnacle Pro (Convection)

Additional Information

Dimensions6.8" Tall, 2" Diameter
Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Voltage:110v - 220v
Vaporizer Info

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lux -  Lux User Manual

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