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Quick Overview

Summit Features:

  •  Maximum Flavour

  • Ergonomic Grip

  • 8 Temperature Settings

  • Vibration Notification

  • Weather Friendly with USB Protection

  • Water-Proof

  • Smash-Proof

Summit Includes

  • 1x Device

  • 1x micro-USB power adapter and wall charger 

  • 1x dry-bag pouch

  • 1x Cleaning Kit with cleaning brush

  • 1x extra screens

  • 1x chenille sticks

  • 1x a stir/pick tool

  • 1x cleaning wipes

  • 1x Instruction Manual

used with blends or herbs 

conduction vaporization


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The Summit Portable vaporizer is a off-road type of vaporizer and what that means is, it's built for durability, anti-destruction and is powerful yet easy-to-use. The intuitive technology makes it a growing leader in the technology field for portable vaporizers as it has 8 levels of temperature settings as it's specifically designed for all types of herbal materials. This is a pure, on-the-go vaporizer that'll be sure t o fit your life-style.

Summit Design

The Rigged look of the Summit makes it a master-piece since it's clearly made for outdoor activity and able to sustain a few drops without any damage. It is made out of stainless steel, the inside is made out of Polyamide-imide and stainless steel giving it a clean and pure way of vaping your herbs. If you want a true herbal vaporizer with a easy design, this is the one you need to buy. The vaporizer is 7.6" long, 4.4" diameter and 1.9" wide. The Summit uses USB cord with a wall charger and has 220v of power that will make it a great experience for all types of vapor enthusiasts. The Ergonomic textured and easy-grip design is a unique feature following a tethered, magnetic lid which you will never have any missing parts. The assembly is magnetic in which everything simply snaps together. The High strength polycarbonate exterior with thermoplastic urethane grip will make it very easy to hold without slip while being able to withstand very high temperatures.

Summit Design

Very Easy To Use

The low draw resistance makes it very easy to draw without gasping yourself for air. The food and medical grade materials air pathway and heating chamber make it very safe. The Summit has been tested in extreme conditions with its tests being conducted in artic like conditions with extreme freezing temperatures and still able to perform at optimal use. The lithium-Ion Battery makes it very long-lasting to use as you'll get over an hour of continuous use at 410°F if you hold it for a constant 1 hour straight. It has an automatic shut-off switch in case it's in your pocket pressed down, it'll never stay on to burn out the battery.

How To Use The Summit

Just take of the tethered-magnetic cover at the bottom, load your herbal materials and place back the cover as it'll snap into place with its magnet. Turn it on by holding down the go button for only 3 seconds, adjust the heating temperatures by pressing down the + or - buttons and press the go button again, The green vibration means it's ready to use. Summit Refined Use

You can use the Summit while charging on a USB connection which makes it great to use at home or even on-the-go with the portable battery. It is ultra stealth as no one will ever know what you're using and the Haptic feedback vibration will allow you to know the device readiness. You get 8 temperature settings with 4 different Multi-colored LED temperature display lights with memory. The temperature range is 320°F - 410°F giving you very flexible options to vape with as you'll be able to use all different kinds of herbal materials with your Summit.

Buying The Summit Portable Vaporizer

Here at Your Vaporizers, we give you the lowest price on the Summit out of any online store. If you happen to find the Summit somewhere else at a better price, we'll simply price match if it's an approved store. Using the Summit, you save 8 grams of medical grade herbs snd that adds up to $120 of savings per ounce if you're paying $15 a gram which makes the Summit a very good investment especially with a 1 year warranty to protect your investment of any defects you might bump into over the months of using it however, the folks over at Vapium guarantee no such occurange will happen.

Additional Information

Dimensions4.5" x 1.1" x 1.4"
Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs
Vaporizer Type:Portable
Delivery Method:Direct Draw (Conduction)
Voltage:110v - 220v
Vaporizer InfoNo

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