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This is the portable vaporizer everyone has been talking about, the Vapman vaporizer crafted from the experts in Switzerland using some of the highest quality materials in the industry. The Vapman uses a torch flame lighter to heat the unit and will heat up in a matter of seconds with the purest tasting vapor you could get out of a quality egg shape vaporizer like the Vapman.


Using some high quality craftsmanship, the Vapman is made of two main pieces. It uses the mouthpiece and handle ring as the main structure. The Mouthpiece is held in place with its springs. You just have to twist the mouthpiece and remove it placing your materials in the gold copper pan. Twist the mouthpiece back in and heat the other end with a jet flame lighter. The Vapman uses mica heating protection which will prevent any burning of factor materials from the parts constructed of the Vapman. It is a small portable vaporizer and aside from that it delivers maximum quality vapor with repetitive vapor production. With the case the Vapman comes in, you can store it anywhere.



Mouthpiece for the Vapman is a big part of the structure for hygien made of POM plastic and is resistant to any solvents which will make it versatile with the types of cleaning solutions you choose. The Vapman mouthpiece can withstand heat up 239 Degrees Fahrenheit. You can use many of the household cleaners such as alcohol, acetone and even boiling water. It is optional if you want hardwood mouthpieces.


Middle Section

It is kind of like a handle ring and made of hardwood which is the material that fulfills the requirements for the Vapman. Being heat-resistant, it'll insulate and absorb heat which will create no hot air from rising into the mouthpiece. You won't burn any material with the Vapman as it is completely non-poisonous.



Every metal is made out of high grade stainless steel.



This heating plan uses 24k gold plated copper. Copper is the safest material because it is one of the best heat conductors. The form and weight of the pan is optimized which will allow the perfect flow of heat. The gold plate will prevent oxidization or discoloring.


Air Nozzles

This is a Vapman Patent for any product which ensures perfect mixture of air on the active ingredients and makes the device very simple to use. The three nozzles are very small holes made out of brass. They are held in a stepped bore are flanged at the end. This makes it perfect suspension to bound securely to the pan.



Made out of aluminum, the low mass is absorb with very little heat energy. This device does not heat up during use so you are never wasting heat. The temperature necessary for vaporization is being targeted instead so you'll reach vapor quicker.


Heat Protection

The heat protection is made using mica which is a natural mineral. Mica contains no poisonous substances at even the highest temperatures.


Handle Ring

The handle ring is made of wood using quality material that fulfills the vapman requirements. It is heat-resistant and will never give off any poisonous materials when heated up at the highest temperatures.

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Dimensions2 x 8 x 5 in.
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Vaporizer Type:Portable
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