White Rhino Gold Sleek v2 Vaporizer

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Quick Overview

Gold Sleek v2 Features:


  • 17kt Gold Platted

  • Very Small! 2 x 2 x 5 in

  • 2 Hours of Use 

  • Herbs + Waxes

  • Titanium Metal Coils

  • Limited Edition Collectors Item


Gold Sleek v2 Includes:

  • 1-Sleek Battery 

  • 2- Dry Herb Cartridge 

  • 2-Waxy Oils Cartridge 

  • 1-Wall Charger 

  • 1-USB Charger 

  • 1- Gold Packing Tool



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The White Rhino Sleek V2 Vaporizer is the newest vaporizer made by White Rhino in 2016 and can vaporize both herbs and waxes in under 5 seconds with the new limited edition gold color, the White Rhino is a stylish & sleek vape pen that can produce massive vapor clouds quickly for anyone wanting something extremely small to fit in their pocket and take it while vaping on the go. The White Rhino is the perfect personal vaporizer that will give you the enhanced results you're looking for in a very small pen vaporizer.

White Rhino Sleek v2 Vaporizer
This unique limited edition design is a v2 vaporizer with a unique 18kt gold plating giving a unique & eye-catching design with a small, compact structure. Handling a vaporizer like this should be maintained with the best handling care for a vaporizer of this magnitude. The accessories that come with the White Rhino sleek of course match the gold plate design as it comes with a Gold Dab tool to cater your wax dabbing needs. If you're someone always on the go, the Sleek comes with two dry herb chambers and 1 wax/oil chamber for your dabbing needs. This is a very small and durable vaporizer as the gold platted metal and the stainless steel structure keep the White Rhino Sleek in compact and maintainable order as the small dimensions (2 x 2 x 5 in.) of the Sleek make it very easy for the consumer to take this vaporizer anywhere and use herbs or liquids or waxes . The Lithium Ion battery toward the bottom with the 510 threading open up the possibility of being able to use the Sleek with more atomizers.

Gold Sleek v2 Design
Well the White Rhino Sleek is exactly titled what it looks like. Sleek & durable vaporizer that looks very good from the 17k gold platting, the White Rhino Sleek v2 gold edition is a limited edition. I will not stay in production for long since it is a very expensive vaporizer to make and selling it at the price it is at is a steel as any vapor enthusiast that loves and compliments a well designed vaporizer, the White Rhino Sleek v2 will be a very fitting additive for anyone's vaporizer collection to add in something more appealing. This vaporizer is like a Rolex Watch, you want people to see class and luxurious taste, in the vaporizer industry, the White Rhino is exactly that will vaping your botanical at top-level performance, no combustion and a great Gold Platting look makes this vaporizer unique itself to own as sooner or later the Sleek will no longer be produced.

The White Rhino Sleek is one of those vaporizers that everyone should have, it is a new fashion accessory to wear as vaporizers are replacing cigs snd e-cigs and this one will do any type of material, it is small and sleek and only weighs two ounces. It can fit in the smallest pockets and can be palmed. It is discreet and very useful, quick loading and strong titanium coils makes this vaporizer a very appealing one for you to own, put in your collection and use it as fashion fire-power as this vape pen will no longer be in production in the near future. You need to buy it if you haven't picked it up yet, even if it isn't the best vaporizer in your collection, Rolex watches aren't the best watches to tell time but they're the best at brushing off clash, expensive taste and luxurious appeal as the White Rhino Sleek is the vaporizer to own if you want to go all-in on your fashion statements with a vaporizer that will get the job done.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, Oils
Dimensions2 x 2 x 5 in
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Voltage:110v - 220v
Vaporizer InfoNo

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