White Rhino Hustle Gang Vaporizer

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Quick Overview

Hustle Gang Features

  • Gold Platted Trimming

  • Titanium Coils 

  • Ceramic Atomizers

  • For Waxes, Concentrates + Herbs

  • TI Hip Hop Artist Edition

  • Limited Edition Vape Pen Kit

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1-Micro USB Charger

  • 1-Waxy Oils Atomizer and Cap 

  • 1-Dry Herbs Atomizer and Cap 

  • 1- Hustle Gang Battery 

  • 1-Carrying Case 

  • 1-Gold Packing Tool

waxes & herbs


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It is becoming a trend with vape companies like Grenco Science, now White Rhino is starting to catch onto the popular trend as this type of collectors item the TIP's Hustle Gang vaporizer is a new, stylish and amazing looking vaporizer that is able to vape your waxes & oils + herbs since it comes with the standard atomizers. One atomizer has a thick silica wick and the other is a titanium coil, it comes with a oil cartomizer as well to vape your different concentrates.

TIP is a well known Hip Hop Artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia and the record label was founded in 2003 by a Reality star, actor and hip hop recording artist which is TIP or better know as TI. On the record label is many other well known hip hop artists such as B.O.B, Young DRo, Trae The Truth & Travis Scott. TI has put tremendous work in the creation of all his success and his music has won multiple Grammy's for best Hip Hop Music & Best Hip Hop Music Videos each year as TI always goes at it with new music. As the Hip Hop Artist has many hobbies, one interest the star now admits to is vaping. White Rhino has jumped on board contacting the Rapper pitching an idea past TI which he gladly accepted, to make a vaporizer on his behalf and name it the Hustle Gang Vaporizer.

Vaporizer Performance & Features
Like most wax vaporizers, it needs to have a feature that stands out. One feature that stands out is the extra-thick wick inside the oil/concentrate atomizer. It is made to lock in all the flavor and enhance the experience for the user and give the ultimate vaporization out of a small wax pen to give the most flavor many other vapes don't focus on. The Vaporizers atomizer is a single coil titanium atomizer which is the atomizer that will be vaping the wax dabs. You can unscrew the atomizers O-ring base to expose just the coil and pop on the glass steam which is specifically for dropping a chunk of wax inside and dabbing away. You can also vaporize herbs but this pen vaporizer is mainly designed for waxes and oils.

White Rhino Hustle Gang Vaporizer Design
As this kit backs up a well known hip hop star known for his style, the his vaporizer also holds a style that is unique and trendy. Gold platting o-ring around the cap and the atomizer / battery threading. Hustle Gang Logo of a chief embedded with gold platting, a gold platted button and dab tool and the letters HSTL GANG inscribed on the vaporizers battery. The USB port has gold platting at the very bottom of the vaporizer where you have the USB port to connect and charge the vaporizer. The primary color is dark black as the secondary color is gold platting. The atomizers both have titanium coils, one is for the waxes, the other is for the oils and the last one is for herbs.

As the Hustle Gang Vaporizer is a collectors item, it is a good fit if you love medicating and you're a TI fan. This vaporizer is specifically for waxes & oils but also has a herbal option you'd use in case you happen to have herbs on-hand, you can conveniently vaporize herbal materials but if you're buying this vaporizer, you'd be buying it cause 1, you're a TI fan and two, you love vaping your oils and waxes & dabbing and that's what the Hustle Gang Vape Pen is for.

Additional Information

Vapes WithN/A
Vaporizer Type:Handheld
Vaporizer Compatibility:Herbs, Waxes, Oils
Dimensions4.5" H x 1" W x 1" D
Delivery Method:Direct Draw
Voltage:110v - 220v
Vaporizer InfoNo

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